WeChat – Tips and Tricks and New Features Part 2

Day two of WeChat tips and tricks. We’re using Version 5 for the iOS (Apple) so our photos might differ from yours but the basics should be the same.

How to block someone on WeChat

1. Go to your contact list and press on the profile of the person you want to block.

2. Look for the three dots up on the top right:

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     1
You can block from your contact list or from People Nearby. See the three dots?

2. After you press the dots, this will come up. Choose Block.

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     2
Choose block and then confirm it. That contact can’t see you now at all.


Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     3
See? They can’t send you a message and they won’t see your Moments. Cool huh?


Social is now named ‘Discover’. Look Around is now ‘People Nearby’. We kind of liked Look Around, it sounded cooler. 

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     4
Social is now Discover, Look Around is now ‘People Nearby’.


Sticker Shop is available from your profile page. 

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     5
Sticker Shop. Don’t expect too much.
Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     6
Maybe these names lost something when they were translated. We think we could do a better job.
Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     7
Are these worth spending money on? Really?

Sticker pricing isn’t bad but we can’t imagine anyone using these.

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     8
Under a buck but underwhelming too.


That’s it for today. We don’t want to make these posts too long. You’re busy, it’s summer, we have a new Galaxy Tab 2 to test so we’re off to do that. Comments, questions, observations are all welcome.

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367 thoughts on “WeChat – Tips and Tricks and New Features Part 2”

  1. Hi ! If I’ve deleted someone, would he/she still be able to view my latest profile picture or notice that I’ve changed it ?

    1. Yes. You have to block them if you don’t want them to see anything about you. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  2. When I send a message, “person” has requested friend verification. Please send a friend request to chat shows after the message I sent. Does that first message go through or it is on hold? Sending another message will show a red circle with exclamation mark but the first message have no indication whether it has go through or not

    1. It means someone delete you. You need to get a new friend request… If they accept your request then you guys can chat with each other…

    1. He must have added you from another WeChat account. He couldn’t see you on his old account, you don’t exist on WeChat, right? Open a new account if this is a really big problem. Change your privacy settings to match your comfort level. Alternatively, you can report that user and get them banned from WeChat. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi. I’m not sure he have blocked or deleted me. When he posted something, I can see his post from my moment but when I click click into his moment only few showed up…

    1. If you can see his Moments or anything about him, he hasn’t blocked you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi! I gotta question, is it possible to add the person and send a message at the same time without confirming my add request yet? Thanks.

    1. Haha good question. You can send the first request to tell the guys who you are.. And do friend request one more time (but this time say something you wanna say). That guys will see both messages at the same time.

  5. Hii!! i want to let disappear my blocklist names which i have blocked, how can i do it?pls suggest me. and since i blocked a person in wechat but still their likes and command are seen in my moment.by the way i have both blocked and delete the their contact from my wechat account. pls!! suggest me.

    1. Go to Settings then Privacy then Block List. Delete the person and exit the menus. If you blocked a person, they don’t exist on WeChat, same as you don’t exist to them. If you can still see them, you didn’t block them. Good luck.

  6. hi i just wanna ask .. what does it mean if i cand send a message to a friend but i cant do any calls it shows ” you are not we chat friend” but he is in my contact list then if i try to search his we chat id its shows ” the user does not exist” did he do something so i cant connect to a call to her ? please give me answer.. theres no any notifacation shows that he deleted me or he blocked me to his account??

    1. You don’t receive a notice if they’ve blocked or deleted you. The person seems to have deleted their WeChat account. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  7. Hi. I just wanna asked. Is that enable for me to see again his/her posts after they hide their moments from me? Are there have ways to see their moments again? Thank you.

  8. Hi, what means “only 6 months of moments are viewable” on wechat? I’m not sure if this person delete or block me. Thanks

    1. We’ve never seen that notice before. If you can see six months of a person’s Moments, we are quite sure they haven’t deleted or blocked you. Thanks for commenting.

      1. You were right, the person hasn’t deleted or blocked me, apparently, it’s a new feature option, but from my phone, I’m not available to set it. I asked a Chinese friend and show me the option in their app, however in my wechat doesn’t appear such an option

        1. Very late reply, sorry. Make sure you update your version of WeChat by going to your app store, typing in the name of the app then seeing if there is an update available. Make sure auto-update is on too. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Anyone can see her Moments unless they or he blocks them. Deleting a person does not hide their Moments. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Hello I have one question,

    Is it possible to someone hacked my wechat account and to he blocking other people to send me messages ? Its for business use and now like 3,4 days i am sending some offers and have no response to them …. maybe just 2,3 people write me but others about 200 not. Do you have idea what it can be ? Is it possible to someone other using my account or what can be problem ?
    I changed password and phone and still i am suspicious to someone hacking me or something?

    Thanks !

    1. If you’ve sent 200 or more messages to people or companies on WeChat, it’s very possible that WeChat thinks you’re a spammer. WeChat is for personal use not for business/spamming. Be careful or your account will be suspended. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Hello.
    My friend deleted me from his contact list and then after that he blocked me,because whenever i’ve tried to send him a friend request theres a message appearing”unable to send friend request” I was just wondering if my profile is still in his block list?

  11. Hello

    Two questions: I have a message on my friend’s wall “This friend has disabled the Moments”. Does it mean they blocked me, don’t share their Moments or hidden them? If so, what’s the difference between the three?

    How can I get access to wechat messages from another phone, after starting to use the new phone and logging to my account I found all chats gone…

    Thanks a lot!

    1. They’ve just disabled their Moments, that’s all. If you can see anything about that person, they have not blocked you. They can hide their Moments from you or from everyone, it’s up to them. Check your own settings and you’ll see what we mean. You have to save your chats to the cloud then download them onto your new phone. Thanks for commenting.

        1. You can disable Public Moments or block some of your friends from seeing them. If you want to disable Moments, delete your old ones and then stop posting more. Good luck. Thanks for commenting.


    1. He can create a new account as many times as he wants so blocking him on one account will not block him completely. If he is stalking you, report him to the police. They should be able to help you if there are stalking laws in your country. Good luck and thanks for commenting. P.S. Take off your caps lock when posting on forums like this. It looks like you’re shouting.

  13. Hi. I’ve deleted my friend contact. Will he/she still seeing my moment? I still have the chat with him/her and i just can see his/her 10 moment.

    1. He can if your Moments are set to Public. He can only see ten that way. You can choose to turn off Public but we think he may be able to see ten anyway. If you block that person, they will see nothing. Blocking seems to be the answer. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  14. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to hide a single post from one person. I don’t want to hide my moment’s from them but don’t want them to see particular posts when I make them on moments. Does the “share to” option do this? Thank you!

    1. No, there isn’t a way to do that other thank blocking that person. Share to works to one person or a group so you’d have to make a group of everyone that you want to see that post. If you do this frequently, that would seem to be the answer. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  15. I can’t see my friend moment and it’s showing this friend has disabled the moment. It means he deleted me from his contact? And can he see my public moment?

    1. Unless you have blocked him, he will be able to see ten of your Moments. If you block him, he won’t see anything. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  16. When I add someone via his id or by scanning his QR code, he doesn’t receive my request. What is the solution for this problem? Seems like I have problems for adding friends on WeChat. Thanks

    1. Does this happen to one friend only or to everyone you try to add? If you can add some people but not that one person, it looks like they have blocked you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  17. I cant see one of my friend moment and old pictures from moment anymore even i go to his profile to check but I’m still able to see his profile picture and his comments on my friends moment. What’s that mean? I believe he has hidden his moment from me but not blocked me right?

    1. Yes, it looks like he has hidden his Moments from you. No, he has not blocked you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. GPS location is good, network connection is also good. I can find other people using people nearby but i can’t be found by other. Any solution ?

        1. Sorry, we don’t have a solution for this. How do you check whether you can be found or not? If you are with a friend, that might not work. Since you’re already friends in WeChat, perhaps People Nearby will only reveal strangers. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  18. On my WeChat friend’s profile settings I set on “Hide Her Moments” but I still can see all her moments when I tap her profile, and can even open them when tap her profile Album.

    1. The menu reads ‘Hide contact’s photos’ so we assume that only photos are hidden from view. If that person uses text or videos, you can’t block them. Why not just delete the contact? Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. You can do a screencap, that’s about it. No, you can’t check the greetings you send. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  19. Is there a way I could make my ID hidden from search, but only to selected user? I understand privacy can be set for anyone from searching for my ID. However, I only want this 1 person from searching and finding my ID. I would still like other people to find me in searching my ID. Is this possible? Please advise.

    1. No, you can’t fine tune the search privacy setting. They are all or nothing. Send the person your ID and hope they add you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  20. hi. what if you block the person, then you want to add him/her again, you send the friend request but you accidentally deleted him/her on your block listed without unblocking him/her first? how can i unblock him/her anymore? Please help me. Thanks.

    1. You can’t add someone you’ve blocked. The only way you can lose the contact’s info is if you take them off your unblock list. Obviously if you have blocked them you have also deleted them, right? Go to your block list and unblock them, making sure you write down their contact details. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  21. I saw a notification saying that I got a new wechat message. However, there was no new message when I opened the app and checked. I reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t show anything new. Is there any way that I can restore that message? Is it because of a bug?

    1. No, probably not a bug. You can ‘unsend’ a message on WeChat. We suspect your contact sent you a message then deleted it. Thanks for commenting.

  22. Hi
    If I hide my Moments from one user on my list, will she be still able to see my photos that I have posted on public? I have turned on my Public Moments.


  23. hi would like to check if I had deleted a friend, can other mutual friend still see his “like” or “comment” on my previous post?

    1. As far as we know, once you delete a friend, their likes and comments disappear from your Moments. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  24. When I chat with paticular his/her .. I m geeting same message again and again . The other user can’t receive your message . What is this ? Can I have solution ?

    1. She may have blocked you or deleted you. Seems she has her privacy settings set to prevent messages from anyone not on her contact list. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  25. Hi, I have this friend on wechat and I could see his pics and moments no problem. A few days ago, I noticed that his pics are all disappeared from moments and I could see only a few old pics on his album. My comments on those old pics were all disappeared and I could not see any likes or comments on those pics. At the bottom of his moments, it says only 10 moments of this user are visible. I can still see his profile picture, region, what’sup status and stuff.

    Has he deleted/block (or both) me and that’s why I cannot see his pics more than a few (he may have turned on his Public Moments which enables me to see the remaining pics?) Or has he just hidden his moments from me? Is there any other reasons that may cause this situation?

    If someone deletes or blocks you, can you still see their profile pics and other info?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. If that person has deleted you, you’d only see the Public Moments, you’re right. Sorry, we’re not sure what’s going on here. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. We suspect that it’s because you don’t have anyone on that list. Block someone first and see if it comes back. It’s on ours. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. It means that you are on this person’s mobile contact list. There is an option in WeChat which allows the app to add everyone on your mobile contact list to your WeChat account. Obviously, only those who use WeChat will be added. There might be another option to invite non-users too. We don’t advise our readers to link WeChat to their mobile phone contact list, just as we don’t advise people to let Facebook access the list either. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting.

    1. Your chat history is there until you clear it. You can back your chat history up to the cloud at WeChat but that is only temporary. You back the history up to migrate it to a new device. There is no way to see the history of anyone who adds you. Thanks for commenting.

  26. Hi. I posted something on my moment a while ago and meant to share it with only certain people, then i realized i have shared it publicly by mistake after a minute or two and change the setting of my Share list soon after that. My concern is; would it stills appear on others’ moments (whom i don’t share the post with) , and is that any chance the people i don’t share the post with take a screenshot of my recent post before i change the Share list setting?Need help. Thanks

    1. If the post was there for only a minute or two, we doubt anyone would have seen it but you never know, right? If you’ve changed the settings for the post, no one will see it except for those you selected. You have to keep in mind that mistakes happen and errors occur. If you’re concerned about someone seeing something that they’re not supposed to see, don’t post it. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  27. Hi, i have added a friend on wechat. Then I tried to add her again to my other wechat account. But when i searched her wechat ID, it shows a different profile pic. I double check it again just to make sure. But it was still a different profile pic.

    1. We’ve never experienced that before. Sorry. Make sure it is the same person and ask them how they did it. Let us know too. Thanks for commenting.

  28. Hi … Suddenly I cnt see my friend moments.. But there is only 3 moments can see.. Below the wechat saying that 10 moments visible? Izit they can see my moments ?

    1. They have hidden their Moments from you. If you haven’t hidden your Moments from them, then yes, they can see your Moments. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  29. Hi, I want to ask that I already add her through QR code wechat, but till now I haven’t see her in my account list, is she haven’t accept me so I still can’t see her acc or text her? How to check that i sent her friend request last time? I forgot her wechat id already

    1. Once you can see her on your contact list, you will know that she has accepted your request. If you can’t text/message her, she has blocked you. If you can’t remember her WeChat ID, how do you know that she isn’t already on your list? Thanks for commenting.

  30. I unable use wechat to message my friend.
    When message send, the chat bow is showing exclamation. I can only continue use wechat in the following day. This issue happen every night

    1. This is news to us. We’ve never heard of that before. Maybe your friend turns his/her phone off at night and their network can’t store your message. Other than that, we have no idea about this. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Check your phone settings. This isn’t something that WeChat controls, it has to do with your settings. Make sure your GPS data is working and that WeChat has permission to use it. You can fix this, it’s not WeChat. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. Only from another account, not the account you’ve blocked. Block the person every time they send you a message. They will get tired of opening new accounts. Thanks for commenting.

  31. How to get rid of others’ comments and likes in moments? I’ve noticed that some just gone, so I was thinking is it because the other person that has deleted you, their comments and likes will no longer showing in our side? Else, we cannot delete it by ourselves, right?

    1. It seems the only way is to delete the post. You can’t clear some comments or likes and leave others. Everything has to go. If you block the person, their comments and likes might disappear, we’re not sure. Try that first. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. No. Once you’re blocked, you don’t exist on WeChat any longer. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  32. Hi I wanna ask can I delete the messages by person 1 in phone A by logging in the acc in phone B and deleting person 1’s contact?

    1. That should work but try deleting the conversations before you delete the person. That would be the safest way to get rid of them. Click on that person’s chats, press the icon on the top right and choose ‘clear chat history’ then delete that person. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  33. I have problem! Why can’t I see any his last year or some moments? However my friend can. Can anyone cloud help me for this, please?!

    1. He has hidden his Moments from you but has not hidden them from your friend. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  34. Hi Is it possible for someone to not allow you to call them via video and phone call. But ypu see there profile and can text and recieve text. This is happening to me. How is it done?

    1. It might be possible, we’re not sure. Maybe someone will read this and provide an answer. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  35. Hey, I’ve deleted my we chat account and lost my friends. I have restarted my account now. But I want to stay in touch with one of my friend and I know her wechat Id but she has applied the privacy that nobody can search her with wechat Id. I don’t have any other details of her. Is there any other way, I can find her on wechat. Please help me.. reply.. it would be really appreciated.

    1. No, there isn’t any way we can think of unless you know her phone number or QQ number, something like that. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  36. I have a problem why no one see me in nearby place but i can see others whos in nearby. Can anyone plese help me for this? Thank u

    1. Either your GPS isn’t working or you have turned that feature off. Maybe your location device isn’t working. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. My old wechat account is working before. When i make a new account and i tried it. Its not working. My brother also make a account of his phone and its not working too. We cannot see its other in nearby place

        1. How do you mean ‘it’s not working’? Can you log in? Can you chat? Or do you mean the People Nearby feature isn’t working? If that’s the case, make sure you turn that feature on and give it permission to use your location data. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

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