WeChat – Tips and Tricks and New Features Part 2

Day two of WeChat tips and tricks. We’re using Version 5 for the iOS (Apple) so our photos might differ from yours but the basics should be the same.

How to block someone on WeChat

1. Go to your contact list and press on the profile of the person you want to block.

2. Look for the three dots up on the top right:

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     1
You can block from your contact list or from People Nearby. See the three dots?

2. After you press the dots, this will come up. Choose Block.

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     2
Choose block and then confirm it. That contact can’t see you now at all.


Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     3
See? They can’t send you a message and they won’t see your Moments. Cool huh?


Social is now named ‘Discover’. Look Around is now ‘People Nearby’. We kind of liked Look Around, it sounded cooler. 

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     4
Social is now Discover, Look Around is now ‘People Nearby’.


Sticker Shop is available from your profile page. 

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     5
Sticker Shop. Don’t expect too much.
Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     6
Maybe these names lost something when they were translated. We think we could do a better job.
Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     7
Are these worth spending money on? Really?

Sticker pricing isn’t bad but we can’t imagine anyone using these.

Photo of WeChat Tips and Tricks     8
Under a buck but underwhelming too.


That’s it for today. We don’t want to make these posts too long. You’re busy, it’s summer, we have a new Galaxy Tab 2 to test so we’re off to do that. Comments, questions, observations are all welcome.

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367 thoughts on “WeChat – Tips and Tricks and New Features Part 2”

  1. if i blocked by someone. did she able to read my comment on my friend’s moment. yup..she is on my friend’s friendlist too

    1. No, she won’t be able to read the comment. Only mutual friends of the same friend can see comments on Moments. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helo i wanted to know something. I just deleted someone on my contact list. But i also want to know if he also delete me from his contact list . How to know if he delete me?

  3. I have a question about a friend that I can’t delete her, it doesn’t show me the settings to delete or block her
    Any help please

    1. Go to contacts, find your friend in the list, press the three dots up on the top right and choose Delete or Block. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Weird, for whatever reason now when I delete a recommended friend from that list it shows up again after I go back into recommended friends… This use to not be the case… How can I get back to the way it used to be?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    1. We can’t even delete recommended friends. If you can, you’re one step ahead of us. There is no option to delete them. If you know how, let us know and we’ll share it with our readers. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Did anyone figure this out yet ?
      as you can delete by swiping to the left then pressing delete but when you come back into recommended friends the contact is back again which is strange as not in contacts

        1. I’m just running the latest software for the iPhone 6
          Even can swipe left and delete just returns again which didn’t happen previously

          1. That’s great. We didn’t know that WeChat offered different options for different operating systems. We just have Android, unfortunately. Thanks for the information.

  5. I blocked someone but they are still able to send me messages..I tried unblocking this person and blocking them again but I recived yet another message from them. I’m a bit worried about this.

    1. That is strange. We don’t have an answer for you, sorry. Maybe the person is using the same ID but with different WeChat accounts. We’re not sure that WeChat will allow identical IDs but if the accounts are on different phone numbers/emails etc., maybe that’s the case. The only way to stop this is to get a new account, add your current good contacts to it and use it instead. If you do that, turn off ‘find by WeChat ID’ and/or ‘find by mobile number’. That seems to be the only possibility. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  6. Hi, may I know how to temporarily restrict someone from sending message to myself without the person realised yet not blocking the person.

    1. If you are still on their contact list, yes. You have to block someone to stop them from sending messages. Thanks for commenting.

  7. How can i fix moment content text is too long? I want to share something but always said content is too long. Please help me. This is so important. Thank you

    1. All you can do is to break up the content into two posts. The posting limits are set into WeChat, there’s no way to alter them. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  8. I have delete my frens contact in my contact list and in my phone contacts.. but why its stil showing in recommended frens.. how to remove them..

    1. It depends on where they are coming from. Try this. Unlink your phone contacts from your WeChat account. Wait a day or two. Make sure that your ex-friend is NOT on your phone contact list. After waiting, go back and link your phone contacts again if that is what you want. Hopefully your ex-friend will not be in your rec. friend list. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. No. Once she has blocked you, it’s as if she does not exist on WeChat. The only way you can add her again is if she unblocks you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. If you are getting contact requests, that means that people are getting your ID from somewhere, right? Are your friends sharing your contact details? If so, better get some new friends. Other than that, maybe people know your phone number and add you that way. Regardless of how it’s happening, all you can do is go to Me then Settings then Privacy and turn off whatever items there that are currently turned on. If you have linked WeChat to Facebook or Linkedin, etc. go back and unlink them. Beyond that, it’s up to you to try and discover where these people are getting your WeChat profile information. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  9. I created a group for nice chatting but some members are sending spam. I don’t want to remove from group just wanna block them, delete their posted messages. How can i manage to do these things. thanks

    1. Sorry, we have never used the group chat option. Because of that, we can’t help you with this. Sorry. Google it. Maybe there is a site like ours that can help. Thanks for commenting.

    1. No. Only the people you share that Moment with can see it. Why not open a second account with WeChat then add yourself to it. Once you do that, you can play around with the privacy settings to see what things can be seen or hidden. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. Yes, they will be able to see your ten most current Moments unless you have set your Moments to Private. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi, I have a friend that I chat with for a while. But suddenly he didn’t reply to my chat. I can still see his profile and moments for a few days then after that I can’t see his moments. I tried call him on the phone and it goes straight to voicemail. May I know why is that so? Is there a problem with his phone or has I been blocked? Thx u.

    1. It sounds as if this person does not want to be in contact with you. He has hidden his Moments from you, that’s certain. If he is still on your contact list, he has not blocked you. As for the voicemail, try calling him from another number to see if he answers. That will give you the information you need. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

      1. Thx for the reply. I did try to call him with 2 other different numbers and it goes to voicemail too. But he is still on my contact list in wechat although now I can’t see his moment. Well thx anyway for the help.

        1. The other way to look at this, unfortunately, is that something happened to this person in the way of sickness or accident. Voicemail works even if the phone is off so there is a chance he lost his phone or it was stolen. There are quite a few possibilities other than that person being difficult to deal with. Good luck and we hope it works out over time.

    1. Yes, they can see your Moments. If you just delete them and don’t block them, they will be able to see your latest Moments unless you hide all of your Moments from public view. Go to Me then Settings then Privacy and adjust your Moments there. If you are worried, just block the person. They won’t see you at all then. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  11. Hi

    A friend sent me some pictures, but they dont appear in our convo anymore. It just says unable to download image – for both the photos that I sent him and the ones that he sent me. Did he block me or the conversation or something?

    1. Unless you saved the images to your phone, they’re gone. He could have blocked you or deleted the conversation. If you can see the person’s Moments then he didn’t block you. We assume that he simply deleted the conversation. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  12. Hi just wanted to know if i had sent some messages to a friend on wechat and want to delete them after an hour, is there any way to do so. Does blocking my friend delete the message from his phone??
    Request urgenthelp

    1. You can only delete the messages within about one minute, maybe two. Blocking your friend should delete your messages, yes, but we cannot guarantee that it would work. If he gets the message and screencaps it, you can do what you want but he will still have the message. Good luck. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Hi, there is a person who I lost contact with, then got a chance to find him on wechat . We talked for a few days then he stopped replying .
    I am able to see him in my contacts as well as browse his moments, so I assume he did not block me. But could that mean he deleted me or even deleted his own account?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Several things could have happened. Maybe he lost his phone or broke it. Maybe he is ill or just very busy. If he deleted you, he would still show up on your list. If he blocked you, you would not see anything about him. It’s very hard to delete a WeChat account, maybe impossible, so that’s irrelevant. See if his Moments are up to date. In other words, check when he is posting updates. If they are current, we would guess that he is ignoring you or has deleted you. Your messages would still get to him but he could just ignore them. Good luck. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Thanks a lot for your answer . I just needed to know if he got my messages, and as i can see the updates, then he probably does .

        Have a nice day!

  14. Hi there. If I deleted and block a friend will they know? And if they deleted you off of wechat well wechat notify you about that?

    1. WeChat will not notify you about things like this and, no, your friend won’t know that you’ve blocked them. What we mean is that they won’t get a notification of it. If they look for you and can’t find you or your Moments, they should know that you’ve blocked them. That’s the only way. Thanks for commenting.

  15. Hi, someone (who are not in my contact list) has been asked to add me but i ignored it. Then i just deleted the notification. Did he know this action? Did he received any notification that i wasnt approved his request? Help me… thank you

    1. No, they won’t get a notice that you deleted the request. It should be obvious to them, however, when they don’t see you on their contact list. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. No, once you block someone it’s as if you don’t exist on WeChat. You’re safe. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Hi. I just wanted to know if I blocked someone on WeChat are they still going to see our old conversations? Pls reply. Thank you.

        1. No. The conversations should disappear. If they have screencapped them, of course they can save a record but that’s the only way. Thanks for commenting.

          1. Hi,

            Regarding this, can I ask, let’s say I had been regularly in contact with the person. But recently I decided to block him. I know my chat window with him will be disappeared on my chats window, but will it on his…?
            Given that the person is unlikely to send any further messages to me, thus he wouldn’t know it’ll be blocked. But if chat window disappears on his too, then he should know right?

          2. Yes, the chats will disappear. If he looks for you, he will not be able to find you or your chats/Moments. It will be like you have disappeared. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

        1. If someone has blocked you, you don’t exist anymore on WeChat. You’re gone, at least as far as she is concerned. The only way she could see your Moments is to search for you on another WeChat profile or a friend’s WeChat profile. Good luck with this and thanks for commenting.

  16. Hi all,

    I would like to share more interesting features between english and chinese version for wechat.

    I notice that the wechat english version users only can choose two option under wechat security center. Retrieve your account password and Unblock your account or features.

    However, the chinese version in wechat, we have more options under the security center. There is Close your account protection, Retrieve your password, Freeze your account and unblock your account.

    I think that is the different between the english and chinese wechat users features. By the way, im fromfrom China. Hope this little information helped you.

  17. Any idea why i failed to add a friend to existing group chat? It keep asking me to send request to invite my friend.

    1. Unfortunately, groups are out of our experience. We’ve been added to groups but we’ve never initiated one. That’s something we might try in the future however. Maybe your friend declined your request. That is a guess. Sorry we can’t help further. Thanks for commenting.

  18. i was added to a group. i would like to quick be DELETE and Leave but somehow i was locked i couldnt leave the group. why?

    1. To be honest, we don’t know much about Groups. We’ve left any group that we’ve been added to but we don’t really know how. Try this: Somewhere in the group chat, there is an options icon. It could be Details, it could be the three small vertical dots; it varies by your operating system. Press what you can find and scroll through the menu to find ‘Leave this Conversation’. That should do it. Good luck! If you can’t leave the group, we’ll try to help more, if we can. Thanks for commenting.

    1. The only way that we’ve found is to add the person then block them. If you ignore the recommendation and block the person from seeing your Moments, it does the same thing, more or less. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  19. Hi,
    I am facing certain issues and I want to know what means what.
    1. Suddenly when I send a message to a contact it says he has requested friend verification.What’s that?

    2. When I send message to a contact it goes smoothly,I can see the moments but I don’t get a reply.So when I try to make a video call it says “unable to start, you are not wechat friends”.
    What does it mean?

    Please help,

    1. We’re not sure but we’ll take a guess. We’ve run into #1 before. We think it means that the person has changed their privacy settings. They may have turned ‘Friend verification’ on. When that is on, you can only receive messages from friends, not strangers. As for 2, that may be because that person doesn’t have friend verification on but you are not a contact. Since you are not a contact, you can’t send a video. Can you see ALL of their Moments or just some? Usually you can only see 10 Moments if the person isn’t a contact. If you don’t get a reply, there is nothing you can do. Maybe they just don’t feel like replying or they are busy, something like that. We hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.

  20. Hi!

    I added some people from various group chats and i cannot see their album nor their moments. Is it supposed to be so? When i check their “profile” it says:

    from: Group Chat
    and no Album section

    1. Seems that they have hidden their Moments from you, probably because they don’t really know who you are since they met you in a group. Can you message them without any problems? If you can, then they have added you as a contact but have hidden their Moments. Thanks for commenting.

  21. i can’t call my friend.. say “the user hasn’t add you to contacts. unable to call the user” but i can still see that person in my contacts.. what does it mean? did he blocked or deleted me?

    1. We’re not sure, to be honest. They haven’t blocked you because you can still see them on your list but they might have deleted you. Try sending a message to them and see what they say. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  22. I blocked and removed someone from my contacts. His/Her likes (hearts) over my photos still shows. How to remove and block these likes for my moments photos?

    1. You can’t, unless you delete the photo. Only you can see them unless that person was friends with one or more of your contacts. Delete the photo if this is a problem then post it again. Thanks for commenting.

  23. I would like to know something :
    If I block someone from seeing my Moments, will he be able to see my older moments and not the new ones, or none at all ?
    In that second case, is there a way to prevent someone from seeing my new Moments but not the former ones ?
    Thank you

    1. We’ve already answered this on another post but here is our response for people reading this one: Blocking a contact from seeing your Moments will prevent them from seeing any of them, old or new. No, there is no way you can hide your new Moments but not your old ones. Good luck on this. Thanks for commenting.

  24. Hi CMS,

    I have a question. Could I delete someone from a group chat? I’ve been searching everywhere for a button that does exactly that but sadly, I couldn’t find one. One of my friends in a certain group added a stranger and he keeps spamming(e.g. posting weird stuff). That makes me feel out of my comfort zone. Do you mind helping? Thanks, and sorry if my English’s pretty derpy, I ain’t a native speaker.

    1. That’s a good question. We’ve never been in a group chat so we’re not sure how it works. You’d have to narrow the group down to separate people then find a way to highlight that one person. At that point, look for the three dots up on the top right and see if you can find Block. There must be a way. This kind of behavior is probably very common so there must be a way to get rid of people like that. We just asked our Chinese friends on WeChat. If there is an answer, they will know. We’ll post here again, you’ll get an email, if and when we find the answer. Thanks for commenting!

    2. The latest update from our Chinese friends is that you can’t block one person. You have to leave the group. The only other solution is to find out who added that person to the group and ask them to kick/block/book the offender. It might be easier to just leave the group, wouldn’t it? Good luck! Any further updates will be posted here.

    1. We’ve answered this for you before. If someone has blocked you, you can’t see them on your contact list. If they have only blocked their Moments, then you can still see them on your list. We hope that clears it up for you.

  25. I want to ask few questions : Please feel free to answer .

    1) Any tricks to know or checked that am I blocked by someone , since he didn’t use any moment at all , but he still appear on my contact list ? Since from the pervious post I have read , u said if someone has been blocked then they don’t see the person that block them on theirself contact list ?


    1. There are two different things in play here. Blocking a person is one, blocking Moments is another. If you can see the person on your list but not their Moments, they have only done the second. They have not blocked you completely. You can still chat but you can’t see their Moments. Thanks for commenting.

    1. The only thing we can think of is one of your data settings. Check through your various settings to see if you’ve changed one. WeChat will try to protect your data use by limiting Sight loads, for instance. There are settings for WiFi, 3G/4G etc. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  26. I can’t play sight video posted by my friends in moment with my android device. It antomatically loaded but with an exclamation mark. I tried to login the same account through my ipad mini and it works well. Can anyone help?

    1. The videos work fine on your Android devices. Check that your storage isn’t full and that your settings are all correct. The problem is with your phone, not WeChat. Reset it, if all else fails. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  27. hello
    i accepted my friends request .i can see her moment pictures but i cant see the comments and likes that have been posted on her pictures .even if we share some friends so why is that for?

    1. As you know, you can only see comments from mutual friends. That would mean that no mutual friends have commented on her photos, at least not yet. We’re not really sure why that matters to anyone but your friend though. They’re her photos and her friends. What they say and like is between her and them. Right? Thanks for commenting.

    2. Suddenly there is no way to add video to My Moments. I used to be able to long press on the video and a menu would come up. One of the choices was add to Moments. Now the choices are add to Wechat (send to a contact) or Add to Wechat Favorites. This seems to be since the last update.

      1. It seems that WeChat has removed that feature. There is another app, something called MeiPai which seems to be like Vine. We’ve seen videos from that on WeChat but we can’t use it as it’s all in Chinese. Sorry, that’s the best we can do. Thanks for commenting.

      2. Sorry Joe, we were wrong. When you are in Moments and you want to post a video, just press the camera icon on the top right of your screen. You have a choice of Images or Sight. When you choose Sight, you can record a short video and share it on your Moments. If you want to share a still image, you have to take the image first when you are outside of WeChat and then choose Image when you are back inside WeChat. Again, thanks for commenting.

  28. I sent a message to a person but after few seconds it says your message has been delivered but the person rejected my message, i wonder if he blocked me, but if he blocked me why i still see the person on my contact list n i can still his profile photo changing but i cant see his moments. Please let me know if the person did really blocked me or just deleted me on his list.

    1. No, he hasn’t blocked you but you are not on his contact list. He might be on your list but you are not on his list. He has blocked his Moments from you, that’s easily done, but he hasn’t blocked you completely. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  29. Hi delete wechat from my iphone one year ago how coult it show again on my iphone’s husband that it exist on another device but in reality i don’t have another device please answer me cause when he enters my name he saw me on another device and after two days i didn’t exist he thinks that i deleted recently when he told me and that i lie to him i want an answer to convince him please

    1. Deleting WeChat from your phone is not the same as closing your account. The only way to disappear from WeChat is to block all of your old contacts, change your username, hide your public Moments, etc. Your account will still show up unless you erase yourself from WeChat. You can’t close your account, there is no way to do that. As for showing up then not existing, we don’t see how that is possible unless someone else is using your account. Did you lose your old phone? Could someone still be using it? Good luck, sorry we couldn’t be more specific. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Press on Me then Settings then Privacy. Look for ‘Hide Public Moment’. Slide the green square to the right and you’re done. Your Moments will still be available to your friends but not to the public. Thanks for commenting.

  30. Wow that was fast, i really appreciate your immediate response, thanks for that. But i forgot to mention that we are still exchanging messages that is why I have mentioned that our comversations are still there. Is it possible for him to send me messages eben if he removed me to be his friend, I can now be sure he deleted me because there is no way he would delete his previous posts(2) in his moments or even hide it from me since it doesn’t really concern me

    1. Yes, you can message a person if you are not on their list and they can answer. If he has hidden his Public Moments and you are not on his list, you wouldn’t be able to see them. Once your are off his contact list and he hides his Public Moments, you can only message him, you can’t see his Moments. Why not just ask him if he has deleted you? That might save you some time! Good luck and thanks for commenting. (We were working on our site so that’s how you got your immediate answer last time.)

  31. Hi! How can I know if a friend deleted me on wechat? Well, i still see him on my contact list, and our conversations is still there. But I cannot see his moments anymore, I am thinking of three possibilities
    (1) he deleted me as a friend which I am not sure and leads to my question that if he indeed deleted, will he be automatically deleted on my contact list and conversations will be deleted as well?
    (2) he blocked me on seeing his moments
    (3) he deleted his moments, well there were only 2 since we added each other

    1. There’s no real way of knowing what happened. You can only know if they blocked you, not just deleted you. Once someone deletes you, you aren’t on their list but they are on your list. Your chat record is still intact but the person’s chat record with you on their device has been cleared. Since you can only see a person’s last ten Moments, at best, you’re in a kind of twilight zone, unfortunately. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  32. Hi, is there a way to clear blocked list on wechat. I’ve blocked a couple of people n I wanna get rid of the blocked list. Thank you

  33. I added a contact on my wechat because a friend wanted me to like his/her post on moments but the problem is that I can’t see his/her post even though the post is public. PS: He/She is my only contact. I ‘ll be adding other contacts once I liked the post so my friend’s post won’t be mixed with the other’s so it would be easily seen. But why can’t I still see it?

    1. If the Moments are public and you can’t see them then it’s because that person has hidden them from you. The person may have shared them with some people but not others. If your friend can see the post but you can’t, then it’s hidden from you and, perhaps, others. Remember that the only people who can see that you like something or see your comments on a post are mutual friends of the poster. People who are not mutual friends can’t see your comments or likes. We hope this helps, let us know if you need more assistance.
      Thanks for commenting!

  34. Hi, my device got stolen and I have WeChat on it!! 🙁 i just wanted to know if someone I had (as a contact) blocked and deleted me would the chat with the contact that blocked me be deleted from my wechat on my stolen device??? Please reply I really need to know

    1. First things first. Change your password right away. Your chat record is probably still on your old device. Change your password right away. That way, the person who has your device will not be able to sign in to your account. OK? Good luck. Thanks for commenting.

  35. How do you remove the stickers you have downloaded in Wechat? I could not find an option to delete them. They are not under custom where I can edit/delete. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Press the three dots on the top right then go to Settings then to General then to Stickers. Look for the word Edit, up on the top right. Press it. All of your current stickers will be there with a little box to the right. Check the boxes of the stickers you want to delete then press Delete up on the top right. We hope that works for you. Good luck and thanks for commenting. Let us know if you run into a problem.

  36. Hi,i recently tried the wechat chatroom,very cool but not 4 me. Can you please help me so that i can delete the chat room,or that i do not receive any invites fom the chatroom. On the the chatroom it shows your location,all that i want to stop. Warmly Regards

    1. The only WeChat chatroom that we know of is the group chat feature. Someone has to invite you to join a group chat, just as you can invite some of your contacts to join one. There is no setting to stop this but if the person who started the group chat isn’t a good friend, just delete or block them. For the location problem, again there is no setting in WeChat to turn that off. You must turn of Location Sharing for your mobile device. Check the settings for whatever unit you are using and turn it off there. You won’t be able to use any GPS apps, Maps for instance, but you won’t show up on any WeChat features either. If you need the GPS function for other apps, turn it off, use WeChat, then logout of WeChat and turn the GPS on again. Or, leave the GPS on and logout of WeChat every time you use it. You can see how turning off the GPS causes problems, right? That’s the nature of social apps these days. We hope this helps you a bit. Let us know if you need more details.
      Thanks for commenting.

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