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We’ve told you how to download music before using Freecorder. This is the link to that post:  Freecorder downloads videos and music.   In that process, you record the music from the video in real time. In other words, if the song/video is five minutes long, it takes you five minutes to download it. Here’s another way to do the same thing but in much less time:

1. Go to Youtube (or any other video site that has music videos…except Myspace), and find the video(s) that you want to save to your computer.

2. You don’t have to click on the video, just find a list of songs like this:

Photo of Youtube menu
Find the video you want and right click it then choose ‘Copy link address’.


3. The link to the video is in the blue area, the hot link. All you have to do is right click, choose Copy link address. Do that then go to the next step.


4. Head over to http://offliberty.com/  . Off Liberty is a website that automatically saves any url that you give it. It will save a webpage or a video or music from that video. Here’s what you see:

Photo of OffLiberty,com
Click in the space, right click and choose paste. Then hit Off.


5. The link is pasted into the slot,  then you hit the word OFF. OffLiberty goes to the site and saves the video and audio that it finds. Let it do it’s work and this is what you see:

Photo of OffLiberty menu
The yellow is the MP3. Follow the instructions.


6. The instructions are quite simple. Again, we are right clicking on something and choosing from a menu. Right click the yellow box and choose ‘Save link as…’. Here is the menu:

Photo of OffLiberty Menu
Choose ‘Save link as…’


7. What you are doing here is saving the MP3 file, complete with whatever title the video had on Youtube. The file will be saved to your normal download folder. Just click OK and you’ve got the file on your computer. You can always rename it later, don’t worry about. You can change it something that you will remember, as opposed to the title on Youtube.


There you go! Fast, relatively easy and totally safe. You’ll never have to use a torrent or Peer to Peer site again. Let us know how this works for you, OK?


Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Easy MP3 Download – using Offliberty”

  1. I can’t download music from my phone anymore, I used to do it all the time with offliberty, now its not working, it says “this URL is not working at this time” with every single URL, please help, I want my music ☹️

    1. Sadly, OffLiberty does not work with Youtube now. Google/Youtube have changed their system and sites like OffLiberty have stopped working. When we find an alternative, we’ll let you know. There are other ways but they involve Audacity, a free audio recorder, and are quite complicated. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi there, is there a time limit to the usage of offliberty? I downloaded some videos this morning and tried to download again in the afternoon but it said “wait” with the loading sign for a long time until I eventually closed the browser.

    1. As far as we know, there is no limit. We’ve used the site dozens of times in a row. There’s a few variables that you should be aware of though. If Youtube has a way to throttle Offliberty, we’re sure they would. It’s a third party site, right? You’re not connecting to Youtube, Offliberty is. Then there are the various connections that have to be made. You to Offliberty, Offliberty to Youtube, etc. We’ve been hit with delays and pauses and long timeouts but overall, the site is still working well and doesn’t seem to have a limit. Let us know if you run into problems. Thanks for commenting.

        1. No problem at all. If you ‘like’ our Facebook page, you can get responses much quicker. Additionally, we sometimes share items for our Facebook followers that we don’t share here. Just snippets, not earth shattering news. Here’s the link: Computers Made Simple on Facebook

  3. My windows10 gives sometimes HTM as save option when choosing ‘Save Target As…”
    Normally it comes with ‘name.mp3’ but not Always.
    How come? Anyone knows?

    1. We’ve never had that with Off-Liberty. Sometimes you can save a video by right clicking it and choosing ‘Save target as’. That’s the only time we’ve seen the .htm option. If Off-Liberty can’t extract the video or MP3, it will tell you. Other than that, we don’t know what is happening. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

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