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Weixan/WeChat – Shake your way to new friends

EDIT: We’ve been in touch with WeChat on Twitter. They’ve sent us a couple of Direct Messages there. Here’s what they said: 

“Hi Brian. Thx for helping us answer users’ questions! I can see that ur site is a super useful resource! We really appreciate it!” 

All well and good but how about some help! Here’s the next one: 

“We read through some of the comments & submitted these issues to the team. We’ll get back to you as soon as I hear back….”

The last one was back on September 27th, 2013. Still waiting. We’ll post when we hear from them. 


Last week, we wrote about WeChat. Here is the post: WeChat/Weixin . Here is the link to WeChat at the Apple Store.!/id414478124?mt=8 It’s available in the Android app store, as well.

Sometimes it seems that the only innovations in social networking are coming out of China. Honestly, that’s not all that hard to figure out, seeing as how there are over a billion people there and almost half of them use the Internet. Of those users, about 400 million access the Internet using the various mobile devices available, many of which are Smartphones.

Add the fact that Chinese Internet users are very sociable, probably more so than North Americans, and you’ve got a perfect wave forming for a company like Tencent ( Enter Weixin or WeChat. Tencent already has a huge market with QQ and its own version of Weibo but now, with WeChat, they have come up with a purely mobile chat application that is, to us anyway, stunning.

Read our previous post then come back and find out how to meet new people using WeChat. Take your time, we’ll wait.

OK! Here we go. There are three completely different ways to look for other WeChat users. Of course, you can plunk in your other social media passwords and find out which friends already use WeChat or you can invite them to start using it, but here we’re talking about meeting completely new people.

1. The first way is to simply ‘Look Around’. If your mobile device has a GPS monitor, you’ll be able to search out WeChat users who live in your area. In my case, I found users within 900 meters of my home. To me, that’s kind of like standing on your porch and shouting, “Is there anybody out there?” Of course, the local users are all Chinese, except for me that is. Most early adopters of WeChat are overwhelmingly Chinese but, theoretically, that will change.

Once you find a WeChat user nearby, you can simply say, “Hi”. You can also tune the Look Around feature to show only males, only females or both. Personally, I think this feature is pretty cool but I can also see how it might seem creepy to some of you. If it does, you can easily delete the Look Around plug-in. It is part of the default set of plug-ins and is easily removed.

2. Instead of looking around for other WeChat users, you can shake your way to new relationships using the Shake plug-in. Choose the option from the screen and simply give your mobile phone a shake. WeChat looks around for other users who are shaking their devices at the same time and gives you the option to say hi to them. This plug-in is more proactive than the Look Around feature since you already know that the person shaking their phone is looking to make contact with someone. Say hi and see how it goes. You can always shake again if things turn sour. Remember, again, that virtually every user you contact will be Chinese. If you know anything about China and the Chinese people, you will know that almost everyone wants to learn English but many Chinese already have a rudimentary knowledge of it.  Many Chinese speak and write better English than some of your friends and neighbors, too.

TIP: If you meet someone you like and the English thing isn’t getting you anywhere, you can download QQ International. We’ll do another post on it but, for now, we’ll simply say that you can chat with someone who only knows Chinese even if you only know English. There is a wonderful translation app built into the International version which has opened up the world to China and, of course, China to the world.

3. The last way to meet new friends is to simply cast a bottle out into the ocean. Of course, this is a virtual bottle but it works the same way as a real bottle with a message in it. Type in your note or use a voice message and then toss your bottle into the ocean of WeChat users. WeChat will notify you when someone replies. Just now, I tossed a bottle out and almost instantly got three replies. One was a female exchange student in Denmark, another was a man who left me a voice message and the third was also a guy who just said, ‘Hello”. In the span of five minutes, I’ve got three new people to share things with. Cool!

WeChat isn’t for everyone. At this point, you have to have a keen interest in China and the Chinese people. You also have to be patient and be able to understand that not everyone in the world speaks perfect English. Once you’re over those hurdles, WeChat is loads of fun. Additionally, if you wait a year or so, WeChat will be flooded with millions of other users. At this point, it supports Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, plus English and Chinese. (If you know social networking, you’ll see the importance of having WeChat available in Portuguese. Orkut, the Google version of Facebook, is extremely popular in Brazil.)

Questions, comments, links are all welcome. Thanks for reading!



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703 Responses to Weixan/WeChat – Shake your way to new friends

  1. Krissha

    Hi, i had faced this problem for quite some time and I actually sent a few emails to the support team before but I got no replies AT ALL. This is really frustrating!!! The problem i am facing with my account is the Drift Bottle feature. I can pick bottles normally, but whenever i throw a bottle, i can’t seem to get any replies from anybody. For previous versions, i always get a fake notification alert after i throw the bottle, but actually i did not get any reply at all…. I know this is a problem of my account because this problem only happens for my current account. I have an old account which i no longer use it, i used to face that problem too, that is why i created this new account but the same thing happens to my new account which is the current account that i am using. But now, my old account seem to “heal” by itself, i can receive replies after throwing bottles in Drift Bottle. But i do not want to use my old account anymore, but my new account’s Drift Bottle feature is not working properly. This is really frustrating and problematic. I created another new account, and the same thing happened too…. Only my old account can get Drift Bottle to work properly. I get a lot of replies whenever i throw bottles in Drift Bottle using my old account, but using my current account, i get none…. I don’t know why is this happening, so please fix this problem for me ASAP, i really need help. I really like the Drift Bottle feature of Wechat, it is really cool, creative, and fun, i want to enjoy it. Please do reply and help me solve this problem. For your information, i am using Wechat for iOS, and i always use the newest version of the app (version 5.2), i am using iOS 7.0.4 which is the newest version of iOS. I had tried creating a new account, disabling and enabling Drift Bottle feature, clearing chat history, logging out, clearing feature history, reinstalling the app, but nothing seem to solve my problem. My old account just happen to solve the problem by itself magically….

    • Computers Made Simple

      You know that we’re not affiliated with WeChat in any way, right? We try to help WeChat users as much as we can but we aren’t in control of anything to do with the app. When problems like yours come up, we’re lost too. Other than offering some common sense tips, there’s nothing more we can do. We don’t have a pipeline direct to TenCent or WeChat. If one of the parts of WeChat isn’t working, it usually means that you’re using it too much. We’ve never had much luck with Drift Bottle so we’re not really sure what the hit and miss ratio should be. Shake and People Nearby seem to be the most popular of the three ‘meet people’ parts of WeChat so maybe the answer lies in the fact that there aren’t many bottles out there. We just tossed a bottle out and tried three times to retrieve one. We scored two out of three but one was in Arabic so we tossed it back. Sorry but there’s not much else we can suggest other than trying to use Drift Bottle a bit less and the other two parts of the app a bit more. Good luck and thanks for commenting. If we discover something more about this, we’ll let you know.

  2. Alvin

    we chat shake option is not working properly for past 1 month i did reset and changed my password too but still its now working always getting chines people only plz tell me hove to solve

    • Computers Made Simple

      Have you added any helper apps to WeChat? Delete all helper apps, reset your phone and see if that helps. Good luck!

  3. i love aya matsuura

    i just wanna know if this person has blocked me completely. here some indication:
    1) i cannot see any of her past or latest moment – i understand this. she has not share any moment with me anymore
    2) i still can see her changing her profile picture
    3) her comment to my moment still exist

    * i dunno what above indication say. but i just wanna make sure if i have been blocked or not

    • Computers Made Simple

      She hasn’t blocked you. If she had, she would not exist on your WeChat account. If someone blocks you, you disappear from their WeChat completely. Thanks for commenting.

  4. fam

    if someone blocked me in we chat, it is possible for me to see if she has change her profile picture?

  5. Vishwash

    Hello!! Can you please tell me how can I see if someone is online in WeChat?

    • Computers Made Simple

      As far as we know, there is no way to tell if someone is online. If anyone discovers a way, let us and our readers know. Thanks for commenting.

  6. ismail

    One of my best friend blocked me for something…we have contacts in wechat only..i have to solve that pblm..and i have to chat with him on i can send him a message when he blocked me..when i am sending him message it is showing “your message send successfully but user rejected it” this.. pls help me to send him message..pls reply

    • Computers Made Simple

      There’s nothing you can do except open another account and try to contact him from it. Once someone has blocked you, it’s impossible to contact them. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  7. Shan

    Is there a way to get notified when a person blocks or unfriends me?

    • Computers Made Simple

      No, there’s no notification process for that. If you can’t see someone on your contact list or see someone’s Moments, chances are you’re blocked or unfriended. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Lucky

    Hello! I looked at my We Chat account and the contact light was on. There is a person who I don’t know listed and it says from people you may know. It gives me the option to add this person. I have tried to find the idenity of this person using their name. I get a message saying they don’t exist. How can I find out who this person is? Thank you once more for your much appreciated time and help!

    • Computers Made Simple

      To be honest, we’re not 100% clear on how adding friends works on WeChat. It was easy back when every account was linked to a QQ profile but that’s not the case now. It’s very difficult to know who is adding you simply because there is nothing that lets you see a profile or how they are linked to you. You could just add the person then immediately hide your Moments from them. That way you can get an idea of who they are by sending and receiving messages but they will not be able to know anything more about you than they already know. Good luck. Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.

  9. David

    I sent message to someone on wechat and it shows “Rachel requested friend verification and send friend request to chat”. It means that does she block me? Can she still receive my message? How can I contact back again to her? please answer me!!

    • Computers Made Simple

      We don’t think she blocked you but she seems to have deleted you as a contact. If she had blocked you, you wouldn’t be able to see anything about her. Most likely she got your message. All you can do is hope that she adds you back or replies. You can’t do anything from your end.
      Thanks for commenting.

  10. Lucky

    Hello. Thank you for answering my previous e-mail. I am confused about something. You said nobody can block you from seeing their current moments. You either see them or you don’t. If I go to a friends profile their is a moments option. If turned on they will not be able to see moments I post. Isn’t this a block? If they turned that option on wouldn’t I not see their current moments? Thank you very much!

    • Computers Made Simple

      The Moments option has changed, we’re not sure how recently. Previously, your latest Moments could not be hidden unless you completely blocked someone. Up to ten of your last Moments updates were still available to someone you had hidden the rest of your Moments from. Now, anyone can block any of their contacts from seeing their Moments.
      A block, at least the way we see it, is a complete block. This would mean that the person who is blocked cannot see anything about the blocker, not their Moments and not their profile or any information on them. Maybe ‘hiding’ is a better term for preventing someone from seeing your Moments. The blocked person can still contact the blocker but they cannot see their Moments.
      Apologies for the misinformation in the last reply, we hadn’t checked how the new updates worked.
      Thanks for commenting.

  11. Lucky

    Hello! I have a friend who posts moments most everyday. This past week I only saw one moment posted. When I look at their album I see all the moments since we’ve been friends. I sent a message asking if everything is okay but I got no response. If they blocked me from seeing their current moments…would I still be able to see the old ones and comment on them, in their album? Thank you very much!

    • Computers Made Simple

      EDIT: This reply isn’t valid now. Please read the updated reply farther down. No one can block you from seeing their current Moments. You see their Moments or you don’t. If this person hasn’t responded to your message and if they haven’t posted updates in Moments, then you can assume they are sick, busy or that they have lost their mobile device, something like that. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  12. john c thur

    Can i mention/share my wechat post to someone who blocked to me? Can she/he see my posts in her/him wechat moments?

    • Computers Made Simple

      No. As far as that person is concerned, you don’t exist. They can’t see anything you do. Thanks for commenting.

  13. priscilla

    If someone have been blocked .. how to sent a message with him .. because he didn’t received the message.. right? So isn’t has a way or that ?

    • Computers Made Simple

      Hmmm, not sure what you’re asking here. If someone blocks you, that person cannot see anything you do and you cannot see anything that person does. You cannot message someone who has blocked you and you will not receive messages from a person that you have blocked. The person who has blocked you cannot send messages to you and vice versa. We hope that explains it for you. Let us know if you need more help. Thanks for commenting.

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  16. Anonymous

    Hi, I got couple of Friend Request in People Nearby. When i open the Greeting to Accept the Request, there is no “Accept” button, instead there is only a “Send Greeting” Button. This Happened for Several Greetings that i got. So is there a way to Accept that Greeting ?

    • Computers Made Simple

      We’re not sure exactly how this works. If you reply (Send Greeting) then the person should be on your contact list. Perhaps you ‘accept’ that person when you reply. As you know, we’re not affiliated with WeChat at all. We only try to help people. If you have access to two separate devices, create a second account and play around with the settings. Send a message from one account to the other on People Nearby and see how it works. Let us know what you find out. Thanks for commenting.

  17. elna

    Few days ago, I disabled the function to add me by using my phone number and only enable person adding me using my wechat id. Yesterday,I received chat saying ‘Dan has added you to his contact list. Start chatting now’from my ex-boyfriend. When I opened chat from him, the top of the page has ‘add’ button. I clicked add and wechat said ‘send message to send friend request’. Im wondering why suddeny I receive the chat notification that he has added me to his contact list? Did that mean that he has added me by my id? Or by my phone number? But i only enable people to find me by my id. Thanks for your reply.

    • Computers Made Simple

      That’s a tough question. We don’t have anything to do with WeChat, as you may know. We just write about it. The timing is suspicious, that’s for sure, but it may just be a coincidence. If you’ve turned off ‘find by phone number’, we can only assume that he found you by your ID. Maybe he got it from a mutual friend. Do you have any mutual friends? We’re guessing that’s how he found you. If this is disturbing for you, why not block him? Then you don’t exist as far as he can tell. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      • sam

        IF I add someone on wechat by using their number are they able to see my number if they dont have my new number ?

        • Computers Made Simple

          We can’t see any contact’s phone number so we assume that they won’t discover your new number. If you’re worried, turn off ‘Find me by phone number’ in your privacy settings. Once you do that, no one can link your phone number to your WeChat account. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  18. Kev

    How can I tell the difference between “I’ve been blocked” and “I’ve been deleted”?
    A contact still shows up in my contact list, but their Moments are gone. I can still send chat messages to them, and they appear to go, but I get no response. Just wondering if I’m pathetically sending messages to someone who deleted me and can’t see them anyway. :(

    • Computers Made Simple

      We’re guessing that this person has blocked their Moments from you. If you were totally blocked, you would not see the contact at all. If you’re sending messages but not getting replies, then we’re assuming that the person simply has chosen to ignore your messages. Alternatively, their phone may have been lost or stolen or broken. This would mean that they can’t update their Moments or reply to you but your messages are still being kept in hold at WeChat. The person will get some of them once they start using the account again. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

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