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Connecting a Nexus 5 to a Windows PC – Update

We’ve been having a problem lately, mainly since we switched to Windows 10, whenever we try to hook up our Nexus 5 to a PC. Windows sees the Nexus as an Acer ADB device for some reason. Here’s how we fix this:

  1. This procedure is done on your Nexus 5, not on your PC. Start by connecting your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. Go to your Settings, that would be the gear icon on your app screen. After a recent Android system update, we’re on version 6 now, the menu that controls your USB settings has disappeared. This means that you have to do a search for them. Look for the icon of a magnifying glass at the top of your screen.
  3. Type the letters usb in the search space.

    settings for usb
    This is what you see when you search for ‘usb’ on the settings screen. You want to choose Select USB Configuration
  4. Several choices will pop up. The one you want is ‘Select USB Configuration’.  Press that choice.
  5. More than likely the choice you want on the next screen is already chosen. You should see ‘MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) selected. No matter, select it again by simply touching those words.

    MTP Things
    Even if MTP is pre-selected, touch those words again to confirm the choice.
  6. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, a file explorer window should pop up on your screen. It should show your Nexus 5 as a storage device that you can double click on to reveal the contents.

This process should work for you. We’re not sure why Windows 10 defaults to the ADB device choice but doing this fairly simple set of steps should get you up and running quickly. It’s as if you have to remind Windows that the Nexus 5 is an MTP device.

If by chance this doesn’t work for you, try our previous routine. Here is the link:  Nexus 5 to PC


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Windows 8 and Nexus 5 – Here’s how to make the hookup

It’s frustrating when you plug in your Nexus 5 to a Windows 8.1 PC and nothing happens. Windows doesn’t see your Nexus 5 at all, it seems. Here’s the solution:

1. Put simply, Windows uses the wrong driver for your Nexus 5. For some reason, Windows assumes the phone is an Acer so it uses an Acer driver.  Your Nexus 5 requires an MTP driver in order for Windows to recognize it as a storage device.

2. Make sure your Nexus 5 is set to connect via USB to a computer as a storage device, not a camera. Follow the steps: Settings then Storage then up to the top and press the three dots on the top right and choose: USB connection. Make sure that the top one, Media device, is checked.

3. Connect your Nexus 5 to your PC via the supplied USB cable.

4. If, by chance, your PC sees the Nexus as a storage device, Windows File Explorer will open. If not, and this is normal, it will see your Nexus 5 as a media player only. Open your Control Panel. (Either search for it using the icon on the top right or look for Control Panel on the Windows 8 app screen.)

5. Once your Control Panel is open, click on View devices. Look for your Nexus 5. It will look like this:

Photo of something
Looks like a simple MP3 player, right?

6. Right click the icon and choose Properties.

7. Click on the Hardware tab at the top and choose Properties again.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 2
Get to Hardware then click Properties.

8. Click Change Settings on the next screen.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 3
Change Settings is what you want next.

9. Choose the Driver tab at the top.

10. Choose Update Driver.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 4
Update Driver now.

11. Choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 5
Browse my computer is next.

12. Choose ‘Let me pick from a list….’.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 6
Let me pick…

13, Choose MTP USB Device and click OK all the way back out.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 7
The MTP driver should already be installed in Windows so choose it.

14, Open Windows File Explorer if a file window doesn’t immediately open and look for your Nexus 5 on the left side.

Nexus 5 MTP Connection 8
Your Nexus 5 should show up on the left side of your File Explorer. Double click it to see the files.

15 Double click it to view its files.

You should only have to do this once but the settings may not take the first time. Alternatively, your PC may ask you to reboot. Do that and attach your Nexus 5 after it’s finished booting. You should be able to see the Nexus as a storage device.

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