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Spring Break – But we’ll be back!

Just a note to say that spring has finally sprung here in Toronto. We’ve got a few projects planned so we’ll be taking a break for a few weeks. We will still be posting regular news and items of interest on your Facebook page but unless something major happens in the tech world, we’re off to build our new shed.

 Here is the link:Computers Made Simple on Facebook. Thanks for visiting!

Windows Explorer Made Simple

Some topics don’t lend themselves to a written post. Trying to describe how to navigate Windows Explorer is one of those topics. Here’s a video that will explain it all for you. What is Windows Explorer? Well, it’s like Google Earth for your computer.     Thanks for reading and for watching.  Comments and questions are … Continue reading

Facebook – Turn off video auto-play

Facebook’s latest, and very intrusive, surprise involves videos that play as soon as you see them on your main page. Say you’re scrolling down to see what your friends are up to. As soon as you hit a video, bam! It starts to play. Here’s how to turn this annoying feature off. 1. From any … Continue reading

Facefeed – More high school hallway than main street

Facefeed purports to ‘mimic real life’. We’ve been using the new app for a few weeks now and, in our opinion, that’s not quite the way it is. Facefeed is really a game, no matter how much it pretends to imitate real life.  Here’s our post on how it all works, just in case you … Continue reading

Windows Mail is Broken

Windows 8/8.1 is frustrating enough without the problems its default mail client brings to users. If you’ve made the switch to the new version of Windows, you have probably linked it to your Microsoft email account. We’ve shown you how to change your log-in routine from password to pin (here’s the link to that post) . … Continue reading