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iPhone Facebook Problem – description and a possible fix

We’ve had many comments about a glitch in the iOS Facebook app. Seems like the problem lies when you like a stranger’s comment or photo. There’s no problem with the actual liking, that works fine. The glitch reveals itself when someone tries to unlike the like or the comment. Have you had this problem? Let us know and, please, let us know if you’ve solved it. Thanks!

There are problems with the iOS app, that’s for sure. Here’s a link that describes some of them : iPhone App Problems

Photo of Facebook Iphone Problem
Looks good, doesn’t work quite so well.

Here’s what we suggest:

1. Make sure you have the latest update. That’s fairly obvious but you might be using a version of the app that is outdated. Head back to the App Store and see if there are any red numbers sitting there. Check that at least once a week, more if you have a great many apps on your device.

2. If the problem is indeed in the app, why not access Facebook from Safari? We’ve tried both and each seems to work well. There doesn’t seem to be any speed issues at all. Actually, we can’t see the point of using the app, except for the fact that it can access much more of your private information, such as your contact list, that Safari can’t. Is that a plus? We don’t think it its.

3. We’ve been unable to duplicate the problem but we have noticed that when we like a stranger’s comment, that activity does not show up on our activity log. Then again, when we like a stranger’s comment when we’re on a normal computer, that doesn’t show up on our Activity Log either.

Our final advice would be to take your time and avoid liking or commenting until you can access Facebook on a computer. Update your status, upload a pic, sure, but stay away from commenting and liking anything that isn’t posted by a friend. If you are using Safari to access Facebook, we’d say you’re safe but take care anyway.

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Facebook – Use Your Head!

Mothers used to say, “Use your head” whenever we did something stupid. Today we’re saying the same thing to you. Use your head when clicking and sharing things on Facebook. Here’s an example:

Photo of Bill Gates
Don’t even think of clicking anywhere on this photo or link when you see it on Facebook.

This one came up this morning but it’s quite old from what we know. We’ve left the sharer’s name on this because this particular person has started dozens of these idiotic shares. It’s very obvious that the paper has been photoshopped but, more than that. how could anyone possibly send you money for sharing a photo on Facebook? Why would anyone have their Paypal account linked to their Facebook account? Use your head! Unless you are a cretin or drunk, you should be able to see through these things.

Here’s another:

Photo of Facebook scam
There is no way anyone can find out who has looked at their profile.


This is actually a malicious link. If you happen to click on it, you’ll be taken out of the comparative safety of Facebook to a site that, very likely, will ask for your Facebook sign-in information. You know what happens then, right? Your precious Facebook account will be hijacked. Again, we have left the person’s name on this photo because of the vast number of these malicious/misleading/ridiculous posts that he or she has created and shared.

Yet another:

Photo of Lucky Coin
How can clicking on a photo bring you luck? How can anything bring you luck?


Does this remind you of anything? Maybe a chain letter? Did you know that forwarding a chain letter is illegal in most countries? Think about it. This is no different. If you share or click like on something such as this, you’re simply adding to the noise that’s on Facebook every day.

Edit: Here is another photo that you should not interact with:

Photo of cow and snake.
Looks like there are 81,000 sick people and almost a million stupid ones. There is no magic, none at all.

Don’t reward these idiots by clicking or by typing in a word (that won’t work anyway) on these posts.

Lastly, don’t help Facebook use you to tune their demographics. More and more, Facebook shares unwanted ads and posts with you. Whatever you do, don’t share these ad and/or posts with your friends. Facebook is using you as bait to fish for information on your friends. Be smart. Facebook isn’t paying you so don’t let them use you to make money.

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A Dangerous Facebook App

There are thousands of Facebook games and apps, most of them are fun, entertaining and relatively safe. Some aren’t. Here is an anatomy of one Facebook app that we feel is dangerous and sneaky. Use the details in this post to judge other Facebook apps. Hopefully, you’ll be a smarter Facebook user after this.

Here’s the scenario. You get a request from one of your friends:

Photo of App Request
Seems like a simple request, one of many you probably get each week.


This request looks innocuous enough, right? Just wait till you accept. Let’s see what happens then.


Photo of App Invitation 2
Oh great! You’ll never forget another birthday. Hmmmm.


The nastiness begins as soon as you click ‘Go to App’. The screen will flash then, all of a sudden, you’re not in Kansas (Facebook) anymore.

Photo of App Invitation 3
Are you still on Facebook? What’s with all the ads?


You were on Facebook, right? Suddenly, you’re not. Every other app leaves the Facebook name up at the top. This tricky app doesn’t. Lots of ads but no way to get back to Facebook. When you see this, you should stop immediately. An app that takes you away from the relative security of Facebook is trying to trick you. Watch out for this.

Read the page carefully. This app will add your friend’s birthdays, see the check mark beside number 1? It will also send you birthday reminders, see check number 2. Lastly, it will kindly accept requests on your behalf, check number 3. Conveniently, they’re already checked for you. (That was sarcasm, in case you missed it) What do you do now?  Run!

If you click the word Continue, here’s what you get:

Photo of App Invitation 4
We’ve blacked out the names for privacy.


Depending on the number of friends you have, you will get a page like this for every 49 names on your list. If you choose to Cancel this prompt, another 49 names pop up. But wait! What is that check mark down at the bottom? This one:

Photo of Game Invitation 5
If you don’t uncheck the box, this app will send out requests any time it wants to.


Do you see how devious all of this is? Do you see how rapidly you’d become very unpopular on Facebook?

We think that you’ve got the general idea here. This is a pretty sick app, not in a good way. When you come across something like this, warn your friends and immediately delete it from your app list. We’ll show you how to do that next time.

Thanks for reading!