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Lost? Use Control/F to Find Your Way

If you don’t know about keyboard shortcuts, you’re missing out on a lot. You may not even know what you’re missing. That’s why we’re here.

Example 1:

You do a search on Google and find a page that has the term/terms that you are looking for. Quite often that means a typed page full of seemingly everything else but what you want. How to fix that? Press your Control Key (lowest left key on your keyboard) and f at the same time. Depending on which browser you’re using, and you should be using Chrome, a little box up on the top right will open up. Type the word/s you’re looking for in that box and, voila! Every instance of your search term will show up, highlighted on the page. Cool huh? If the term isn’t on that page, you’ll see a 0/0 and a red search box.  Try it on this page.

Here’s where the Control Key is:

Photo of keyboard
It’s usually on the lower left but might be one key to the right on a laptop keyboard.

Example 2:

You open a document, could be from Word or a simple Text file, and you can’t find the word or phrase that you want. Ctrl/f again and a search menu opens up. Type in it and press enter, you’re home free. Click Find Next to get to the next location where your term shows up. Yes, it’s that simple.

Photo of Search Box
The search box in Notepad. Remember to choose Up or Down, depending on where you are on the page.

TIP:  You can use the same feature/shortcut in Word to find and replace words all through a document. Le’ts say you named your heroine ‘Sandy’ but want to change her name to ‘Abigail’. Search for Sandy, then type Abigail in the Replace line. Word will find every instance of Sandy and replace it with Abigail. (Notepad will do the same thing but not from the same menu. Under Edit, look for Replace and use that instead of Find.)

We’ll post about other keyboard shortcuts from time to time. If you know of some cool ones, let us know. That’s it for today, thanks for reading! Comments and questions are welcome but  Likes on our Facebook page get immediate attention.  Here’s the link: Computers Made Simple on Facebook 


Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook has recently allowed us to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks on their site. There are several of them that save time when you’re doing repetitive things, too.

We have started to delete all of our friends on one of our simulated profiles. For some reason, hundreds of people sent us friend requests but, since that person doesn’t really exist, we’ve decided to delete them all. Without a keyboard shortcut, this would take a long time. Here’s how to speed things up.

1. Go to your friend list.

2. Click on the words ‘friends’ on any profile then press ‘u’ twice and hit enter. Poof! The friend is gone. Click, u, u, enter. Zapped.

Want to send a message? If you’re using Chrome on a PC, simply press the ALT key and the letter ‘m’.

Some of the shortcuts simply didn’t work for us but here is a list of all of them: (Note that these are for Google Chrome on a PC.)

Alt + 1 – take you to the main Facebook page, not your Timeline.

Alt + 2 – Should bring up your timeline but we couldn’t get it to work for some reason.

Alt + 3 – Add friends page. Not much use unless you’re actively adding friends.

Alt + 4 – Your list of messages.

Alt + 5 – All of your notifications on one page.

Alt + 6 – Account settings.

Alt + 7 – This is supposed to zip you to your privacy settings but didn’t work for us.

Alt + 8 – This brings up Faceook’s very own Facebook page. Yes, they have one.

Alt + 9 – Shows you the very boring Facebook Terms and Policies

Alt + m – Allows you to write a message instantly. The message window floats in the middle of the page you are on.

Photo of Facebook Message Menu
This might be the only one you’ll ever use. ALT + m brings up the new message menu.


Thanks for reading! Let us know if you find any cool shortcuts that our readers might be interesting in hearing about.