Control/Z – Window’s life preserver

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that oops moment when we delete something by mistake. Maybe it was an email or a few paragraphs of a document or a whole file.

Sometimes it’s not even a deletion that starts the adrenaline flow. An errant cut/copy or a highlight followed by an accidental touch of the backspace button, both will result in a loud, “Oh no!”. Fear not, Control/z is your salvation.

Photo of Control Z
Find the two keys on your keyboard. Don’t hit other keys by accident.

Virtually anything you do in Windows can be undone by hitting your control key and the letter z at the same time, just as long as that’s the next thing you do. Don’t get flustered, take a deep breath and go for it.

While some photo editing and drawing programs have almost endless undo settings, with most Windows programs you only get one shot at undoing an error. Depending on what you’ve done, the first step in fixing your error is to use the control/z keyboard shortcut.

There’s no time limit to all of this, just don’t do anything else with the computer or that action will be the one that Window’s undoes. Make sense? We hope so. Hopefully you’ll remember this the next time bad things happen. Feel free to share our posts if you find them handy.

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