Chrome – Save complete sessions

If you want to save your current browsing session in Chrome, here’s how you can do it. Let’s say you have ten tabs open and Windows decides that it wants to restart and update itself. Grrrrr, right? Fear not, here’s how to recover that session after the reboot.

1. On the top of any Chrome tab is your bookmark bar. It’s right above the page that you’re currently on, look for a star and the word Booksmarks on the top left. Here’s where you can save your most popular bookmarks, the ones you use most often.

2. We’re going to add a folder to that Bookmark bar. Right click it and choose Add folder. Name that folder something like ‘Current Session’. Click Save.

Photo of bookmark bar.
Right click the bookmark bar and choose New folder.
Photo of Session Folder 2
Type the name you want in the space shown.


3. Your new folder will show up on the Bookmarks bar, ready to save your current sessions. A session is a group of tabs that you have open all at once.

Photo of Session Folder
This is the folder where your session(s) will be stored.

NOTE: If you have two windows open, each with separate tabs, you must make a folder for EACH window. The session folder on one window will NOT save the tabs on the other window.

4. When you want to save all of the tabs in your current session, right click any one of the tabs and choose Bookmark all tabs.

Photo of Bookmark All Tabs
Right click on a tab and choose Bookmark all tabs.

5. There are two ways to do the next step. If you don’t want to keep your sessions organized, simply choose the folder you made in step 2 and click Save. In your session folder, Chrome will save all of your current tabs in a new folder. You can have as many new folders in your session folder as you can handle.

Photo of Bookmark New Folder
Each New folder will contain a session. If you specify a date, it will be easier for you.

6. If you want to organize your sessions by date, change the words New Folder (the ones in blue at the top) to today’s date. Then click Save.

7. Now, if you want to go back to a certain date’s tabs, click the session folder, choose the date you want and then right click it. Choose Open all bookmarks.

Photo of Open All Tabs
Right click the appropriate folder and choose Open all tabs.


If you missed a step, go back and redo the whole thing. If you have questions, make a comment below.

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