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WeChat – Change your phone number and email

We were stumped for quite a while when we were trying to change our WeChat phone number. Yes, sometimes things confuse us too. WeChat doesn’t make this simple, that’s for sure, but you can do it. Here are some things you need before you begin:

1. To change the telephone number that is linked to WeChat, you must have an email account linked to the app.

2. To change the email account that is linked to WeChat, you must have a verified telephone number associated with it.

Why? Think of this whole thing as a lifeline. If you lose your password, you’re locked out of your account until you can recover it. Unless you have a verified number and/or email account linked to WeChat, they can’t send you instructions to reset your password. WeChat protects you from your own mistakes, more or less.

Of the two, WeChat prefers to use your phone number but an verified email account will work too. Let’s change our phone number first:

1. Make sure that you have a verified email account that is linked to WeChat. (Read 1 and 2 above to find out why.)

2. Here’s the path you need: Open WeChat, press Me, press Settings, press My Account, press Phone Number.

3. Obviously, you have to have a phone number linked to your WeChat account to change, right? Look for the three vertical dots up on the top right. Press them then choose Unlink Phone Number. The three vertical dots are shown here:

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This window shows you two things, only one of which works as it should.

The photo above is confusing. It looks like you can change your phone number by pressing on ‘Change phone number’. You can’t. Until WeChat changes the wording on this window, users will be frustrated by it. The solution? Press the three vertical buttons on the top:

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You have to unlink your old number before you can link your new one.

4. Once you have unlinked your current number, go through the same series of choices until you get to link your new number. Make sure your phone is on and able to receive test messages. Here are the steps using screen caps:

Photo of WeChat 6
Now your old number is unlinked, press Link Phone Number to use your new one.


Photo of WeChat 7
Type in your new number, no spaces necessary, then press Next.
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This won’t take long, just a few seconds or so.


You’re waiting for a four digit code to be sent from WeChat to the phone number that you just entered. Once you get it, enter it into the next screen:

Photo of WeChat 9
Enter the numbers then press Next.
Photo of WeChat 10
Done, done and done.

5. The process for changing your linked email account is similar. Same process, unlink your current account then link your new one.

Note: If the text message solution doesn’t work, WeChat will call you with the verification numbers. It will be an computer calling you so get your crayon ready to jot the number down.

We hope this instructional solves your problems. If not, let us know. Comments and questions are welcome but  Likes on our Facebook page get immediate attention.  Here’s the link: Computers Made Simple on Facebook 

Thanks for reading!

223 thoughts on “WeChat – Change your phone number and email”

  1. Hi, just found the answer to my second question…
    It seems it’s same wechat account with only one device.

    So, now waiting for an answer to my first question.
    Thx 😊
    Now I have one more question-how can I change only my wechat ID, keeping same phone number and all other old details and info as well?!

    Thank you so much guys!

  2. I am from South Africa. .teaching in China at the moment. I got a new sim.card and number. I did link the number. However if I want to link a card on wewallet it gives me space for only 10 digits and not 11. Chinese number 11 digits. What can I do? Much appreciated. Please help me. I am lost without wewallet in China. Xx

    1. Sorry, we don’t know anything about the wallet part of WeChat. Maybe your students or their parents can help you. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  3. my account has been blocked but i already unblocked it.its been blocked because im not using very long time. im forgot whose in my friend list and my reg email only remember wechat id and phone number only. when im log in its stuck at “need to friend send verification number” but im forgot whose in my list friend. can u help me how to solve it..thnks

    1. The same thing would happen if you’re trying to hack someone’s account, right? If you forgot who is on your friends list, just start a new account and forget the old one. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. On your phone or on a computer? If you try to log in on a computer, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your account. Other than that, we don’t know what the error would be. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi, i have a question.
    I have released my old number but i did not log out my old wechat account/ID from the old device. If the number has been taken by others, is that means that the account is also been taken by others?

    May i know can i still get back my old account?

    1. No, they can’t get into your WeChat account. If you log in on the old account on your new phone, whatever phone (not phone number) you were using before will be logged out immediately. You cannot have WeChat open on two devices at the same time. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  5. Hello, Recently I deleted old account and unlinked my phone number then I created a new account and after few days account got self restricted cause of non compliance so I did friend assistant​verification for self unblock but when my friend enters my Chinese bank card details link to my wechat it shows incorrect ID number even though my passport is same number linked to my bank account. I’m in China why would it shows incorrect ID card number ? I have emailed wechat but been a week they haven’t replied. Thanks any solutions?

    1. Sorry, we don’t know how WeChat works in China. It’s a completely different system there, much more advanced than outside of China. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. You might have to start a new account. Did you delete the app? If you did, reinstall it and sign in, if you can. If you can’t, open a new account. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  6. Hello I have a question thanks!

    If I live in china and moved to usa and changed my phone number too. Will my wechat account be china wechat or international version?

    Many thanks

    1. Sorry, we can’t answer that. Maybe someone who reads this can help. We suspect that you will only be able to use the international version but we’re not 100% sure. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I created my WeChat account in South Africa with my South African mobile number. Now I am in China and want to link my Chinese bankcard to Wechat Wallet but can’t because the app is insisting on me entering a 10 digit South African mobile number, which I don’t have anymore (I have an 11 digit Chinese number which is already linked to my account) Please help!
    I downloaded the app onto my New Chinese phone, using a chinese sim card, so I don’t get why it is still somehow connected to South Africa (other than first creating my account there) I haven’t even migrated the chat log from S.A so very confused why there is still a link???? (I’m sure it wants a South African mobile number because I read the terms and conditions when I was trying to figure out why it won’t allow me to enter my Chinese number) Please help!

    1. Confusing, for sure. We don’t have an answer, sorry. It seems that WeChat is ignoring your new number because you first registered in SA, despite the fact that you unlinked that number. Have you tried entering the old number? If nothing works, you’ll have to open up a new account. That could be a problem though because your current number is linked to one account already. Sorry, we can’t help much here. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  8. Hallo ,i want to ask you something:
    How to login my wechat account at a new device. But I’m not log out my account at my old device first

    1. If we try to log in to our WeChat account from a new device, it is automatically logged out on the old device. You can’t run WeChat on two devices at the same time. Sorry, we don’t have any other answer. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  9. hye
    i recently deleted my old account and after that i tried to create new account using the same number that i use to create my old account(which i have deleted before trying to create the new account)

    but after i enter the code that i receive via message, it says
    “this mobile is registered with a wechat account this month and cannot be registered repeatedly”.

    can u tell what that means, did i do smething wrong?
    i can create a new account using the same number rite? i mean after i deleted the old account

    1. No, not unless you have closed the old account or released the phone number. If you opened an account and closed it then tried to open another one on the same phone in the same month, wait a while. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  10. hello. i can’t log in my wechat in my device. even i still do use the same device after i formatting my phone. It’s still can’t log. I can’t scan Qr code. because i use the same phone as before. i only link my wechat by my email only. i don’t link it with my phone number. please help me.

    1. What message do you get when you try to log in? If you are using the same information and password, there is no reason why you can’t log in. Make sure you check your junk email for the message from WeChat. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. i can’t verify my account. There are 2 method by scan qr code with original phone and 2nd, invite friend to send a code to chat. I can’t scan my qr code even i use the same phone.

        1. How did you lose access to your account? You’re only asked to verify your details if you’ve changed something or moved to another part of the world. We’ve never been locked out of our account so we really can’t answer you. If they’re asking you to scan a code that a friend sends through chat, then that’s a bit crazy, right? If you can’t log into your account, how can you get a code in a chat? Something is wrong somewhere and we doubt that it’s anything to do with WeChat. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  11. hey there . i should have done this a long time ago but im not sure if im doing the right thing or no . okay so the problem is , my wechat account is linked to my old number (which is expired a long time ago) . im planning to change my new number . but what concern me is that , will i lose all of my wechat contacts ? will it remain the same ? or all of them are remain normal but only the id is changed ? help me please !!!! .

    1. If you take the time to either screencap your contacts or write down their WeChat usernames, you should be fine. If your old number was linked to your WeChat account, you might run into problems trying to add your new number. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. See if you can unlink your old number first then link your new one. If you have moved from one country to another, WeChat might ask for verification on your old number. If that happens, there’s nothing you can do. Good luck with this. Thanks for commenting.

  12. i have inserted my old sim into my phone . i would like to open that old wechat id account that was already linked to the old sim number before. how can i do that ?

  13. Hi
    When I first signed up for WeChat, I did not attach any email address to it. And the phone number I used which acted as my account number to sign in I no longer have access to. But I was still able to type in my old number for a few years and my password. Here’s the problem. I have lost my password to that account. You can retrieve it by way of text to the phone number you registered with. But as mentioned I no longer have that phone number. The only possible way that I can think of is calling that number and ask them if they would mind giving me the new access code to sign in. Risky because I have no clue who they are. So is there any way to retrieve a password from the number you no longer use? Thanks!

    1. No, you can’t retrieve a password that way. It’s the same thing as hacking into someone’s account, right? Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  14. Heyy 🙂 I deleted my wechat account because I was told that I can make a new account using the same phone number after deleting it. But when I tried to register using the same phone number, it said “this mobile is registered with a wechat account this month and cannot be registered repeatedly.” Is there any solution for that? Btw, how do I get to my old account to unlink the phone number when I tried to log in via sms (with the same number) and it says that i haven’t register yet. Thank you.

    1. Try to sign in to your old account, unlink the phone number and try again. That’s all you can do. Otherwise you’ll need to get a new phone number. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. Unlink your old number then link your new number. You might have to link a real email address to your account before you can unlink your old number. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  15. I have a We Chat account using my old Malaysian number but it got expired and is only accessing my account via my linked email. Everytime I log in I can’t verify my account because all I see are Chinese. I need help… I have a new number already…

    1. Everything we see on WeChat is in English. If the email you get is in Chinese, use Google Chrome to translate the entire page. You will have to unlink your old phone number before you can add your new one. If the WeChat screen is in Chinese, we suspect you might have added a helper app. Just a guess but as we said, everything from WeChat has been in English. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  16. Please I want to know how I can change my old passport number (ID card number) on wechat and use the new one in order to send money to my bank card. My old passport is expired and I opened a new bank account with the new passport number. Anytime I try to send money to the new card, there is an information SAYING my ID card number is not same with the one registered with the bank. Please help me

    1. We have no idea about this, sorry. As far as we know, you can only link WeChat to a bank when you are inside of China. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. I am in China but I used my old passport number to register WeChat. Now I have a new passport due to the expiration of the old one. My bank card has been linked to the new passport number. Is there a way of changing my WeChat registration which has my old passport details in order from me to link the bank card and be able to withdraw money through the card?

        1. Sorry, we don’t know anything about this. You’ll have to ask someone who is in China to help you. Outside of China, we cannot link bank cards or passports to our WeChat accounts. It’s big in China but not anywhere else. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  17. Hello sir, i was asked to scan my QR from original phone to verify my account when i tried to log in my wechat account using my wechat id and passwd right after after i reformating my device. How am i suppose to do that because im still using the old same phone. They have a 2nd option which is contacting some of my trusted wechat friend which is i dont have. I realy need myvold account back. Thx

    1. If you can’t verify your account using WeChat’s system, there is nothing you can do. Thanks for commenting.

  18. I want to change my wechat ID. But there is no way for me to do so. Can I delete my current wechat account. Then register for a new one. In that case, I can have a new wechat ID. Please advice, what should I do now.

    1. First, if you have linked a phone number to your current account, unlink it. Then delete all of your chats, contacts and Moment’s posts, then delete your account. Once you do that, you can easily set up a new account. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  19. I have my wechat id and password. I dont have a phone number and email linked to my account. Initially I had one phone number linked to the account during registration, but after some years i could unlink that number. After that I was able to login using my wechat id and password for a long time in various devices. Sometimes it asked to select some friends profile photos for verification and I did that and could log in to new phones easily.

    But now, looks like wechat needs a phone number mandatory linked to the profile.

    When I tried to login to my account in a new device it asks something weird as verification, It ask me to scan a QR code from my previously logged in device(Obviously it is in logged out state) or ask some of my friends to send a particular number to my account or something like that. I cannot do that as well because the contacts are not acessible without logging in to the account.This is dissapointing that I stil have my id and password and not able to login. 🙁

    Can you guys help me to find a solution? can I link a mobile number again without loging in? I tried to contact them with
    there feedback page and also (link removed) but no help

    1. You can’t link a phone number to your account unless you are logged in. We don’t know what you can do to alleviate this situation, sorry. We’ve never heard of that kind of verification being used by WeChat. Are you sure your account hasn’t been compromised? Have you installed any helper apps? Maybe someone who reads this can help. Thanks for commenting.

  20. by mistake i delete my wechat account now i want to reuse wechat but now i am not able to log in again
    when i log in then the message come that this account is deleted
    when i go for sign up again then the message come that this mobile number is already register this month so cant register repeatedly .
    please solve my issue

    1. Unless you unlinked that phone number from your old account, there is nothing you can do. It doesn’t make sense that the number is linked to a deleted account but that seems to be how it is. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  21. Hi Brian
    I’m a guy who married a Chinese girl, and “Mom” comes to live with us. She uses my cell number to use for a wechat account in her Chinese cell phone. This woman is nothing but trouble. I have friends all over Asia, both male and female. They send photos etc. and then I have to explain everything to my Mrs. This is getting old. How do I cancel out my cell connection with wechat? Do I need to get a new phone number? That would be most inconvenient. A little help would be greatly appreciated, I really don’t do wechat or twitter etc. I just want peace
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, this doesn’t make sense. It’s her phone and her WeChat account, right? How is she getting information and data meant for you? If she or you has linked your phone number to her WeChat account, unlink it and get her a new number and link it to WeChat. If you meant that you and her are sharing a WeChat account then simply get your own and use an email address as verification. Did we miss something? Let us know and thanks for commenting.

      1. She has a phone from China with no connection to any USA based cellular carrier
        So she enters my phone number at sign up and ads a password, then that makes it her account. With my phone number in her phone from China.
        We are not sharing an account, I didn’t have an account, I would like to get one to talk with some friends now. But my number has been “hijacked” doesn’t we chat have some kind of verification process via email or text?
        Thanks for your time

        1. Yes, if you have linked an email account to it or signed up with an email account. If she has used your number on her account, you can’t use it for your own account unless you unlink it from hers. It doesn’t seem to be complicated to work out. Good luck.

  22. What is the difference between unlinking and changing a phone number?

    On my wife’s phone (number) I tried to setup account. When I did, I used Lastpass(password generator) and it did not save the password. I never got into the account because it said it was suspicious and it was locked. I went through steps to sign in through SMS and got to the step for having a WeChat user verify me. I did it with 3 different users and each time it gave me an account error.

    So I’m desperate, she needs WeChat for a job, so I got a temporary SIM with a different number. I set this up with a Wechat ID and email address and now what to know if I should unlink the temporary number and then link her regular number or change the number.

    I clicked on the Change Mobile and it had the temp phone number as the current and in the regular number in the field already. So I wasn’t sure what to do and now from reading the comments, I’m not sure if either(unlink or Change) will work.

    Sorry for the long comment but I’ve been working on this hours over the last two weeks.

    1. In order to secure your WeChat account, you may link an email address and/or a mobile phone number with it. Once you do have linked one of those to your account, you should be able to unlink them from the account then link a new email/number to the same account. You cannot add a new form of security without unlinking the old one. The ‘Change Mobile’ won’t work unless you unlink the old number first. Then you can change to a new number. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  23. I have deleted my account… but when i want to register new says that my number already registered this month…but when i tried to log in via sms…with the same says that i haven’t register yet.. help me

    1. You have to get into your old account, unlink that phone number and try again. If that doesn’t work, get a new sim and a new phone number. There’s nothing else you can do. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  24. I hv wechat id and password too but m using new phone and moreover m at different country with new sim card … so for that hw can I receive the code number ?

    1. You probably can’t, sorry. Try another type of verification such as identifying friends. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  25. How i login my wechat account ;my wechat account registered from chinese sim now i want my wechat account in another phone then it send message to the chinese sim for veryify that message i cant recieve here i want login it another phone while i know phone number and passwords please can you help me how did i login my wechat account in other phone .Thanks

    1. You can’t use the Chinese version of WeChat outside of China. Did you unlink your old number? If not, there isn’t anything you can do unless you can access your old sim and phone number. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  26. My ID was linked with my previous number.. I don’t use it anymore.. But I do remember my phone number and password.. What should I do ?

    1. Unless you unlinked the account from your old phone number before you got rid of that number, there isn’t much you can do. They are sending the code to that number, we think. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

        1. Log into your account, unlink your number, link your new number. Right? If you can’t log in, there’s nothing you can do unless you’ve unlinked the old number and are getting the codes on your new number. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  27. i want to unfreeze my account,i remember the password and username. the problem is the phone number wechat send verification i cant remmber and the sim has gone a long time ago

    1. Unless you can remember your password, there’s nothing you can do. Without your password, WeChat thinks that you’re trying to hack someone’s account. They’re doing the right thing. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. hi, so I havemy email id and password… i do not have the chinese SIM card with which I signed up initially but i know the other details..
        i obviously can’t reply to the sms on my chinese phone because stupidly i threw away the sim card and I think i bought the sim card from some ugly shop rather than official …. so do you know if they let me change it?

        1. I’m facing a same problem.. They keep sending me the code on my chinese number.. Did u fix yours ? If yes kindly help me through.. TIA

  28. I deleted the we chat app from my phone and I no longer use the number linked to the account I have when I use my email to login I need to verify profile pictures when I do they seem to be invalid and there’s a pop up icon that’s states that I should enter the last for digits of the previous number please help me.

    1. There’s nothing you can do unless you verify your friends. Why not verify your account with your email? That’s worked for us before. If you’ve locked yourself out of your own account, there’s nothing WeChat can do to help you. They expect you to maintain your credentials yourself. With 300 million users, they can’t do that by themselves, right? Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  29. I somehow deleted the Wechat app from my phone without signing off. When I tried to login again after installed the new version in the same mobile phone(Nokia 500),it shows ‘Your ID is logged in elsewhere”.Could you please help me on this.I’m not aware of the version which I deleted.

    1. You should be able to get back into your account. You don’t have to log out before signing in from another device. WeChat automatically logs you out of the first device then prompts you for your account details on the new device. It’s worked for us many times. We never log out of our account even if we’re signing in from a new device. WeChat does that automatically. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  30. I deleted the WeChat app. It seems I am still receiving video/audio calls from other users on my phone. Is that possible since I deleted the app? How do I stop it?

    1. Hmmm, interesting. Just deleting the app won’t stop this activity. We think you’ll have to sign in again, unlink your phone number or at least turn off ‘find me by phone number’ as well as the rest of the privacy choices. At that point, you can delete your account. That should guarantee you’ll never be bothered again. You can find the Delete Account by going to Settings then My Account then by scrolling down to the bottom. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  31. hai, how if my old number has been used by someone to sign up wechat before i unlink my wechat with the old number?

      1. Probably not. It would be the same as trying to steal someone else’s WeChat account. Sorry. Time to start over. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

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