WeChat Shake Problem – a solution? Maybe.

There is a problem with the WeChat Shake application that we’ve written about in the past. It seems that the company responsible for WeChat, Tencent International, might have set up a temporary ban for users who use the Shake feature too frequently in one session. One of our readers noticed that he was able to get normal results, as opposed to purely Chinese results in Shake, if he simply stopped shaking for about half an hour.

To us, this makes perfect sense. Although the Shake feature is fun and quite exciting to use by times, we assume that it creates quite a drain on the WeChat servers. For this reason, we think that Tencent/Weixin/WeChat have created a shake limit for users who abuse this service.

This may be because of a drain on their servers or it could be an attempt to cut out or eliminate spammers from using the Shake feature to promote their products. Keep in mind that millions upon millions of Asian users use Weixin/WeChat, not just users in North America, Europe and Africa. India, for instance, seems to have taken to this app in a big way. When a company realizes the marketing potential available through WeChat, we think they would leap at the chance to contact users one to one, perhaps to the point of paying people to shake and then send out spam messages to users. We can imagine a scenario where a roomful of low-paid ‘shakers’ send out endless spam messages one by one. Knowing this, you can understand why we think WeChat has imposed a limit on the number of shakes per minute/hour/day for users. It’s a guess, but an educated one.

How popular is WeChat? This graphic gives you an idea:

Photo of WeChat Graphic
300 million users of which 50 million use WeChat* (as opposed to Weixin*).


(* WeChat is the English version, Weixin is the Chinese language version. )

That’s an incredible growth rate, isn’t it? As far as we know, the two sides of the app work in conjunction with each other. We have contacts who use Weixin and some who use WeChat. We can’t identify which app these contacts use so we assume that WeChat/Weixin is one big happy family.

Our advice? Keep shaking but don’t take things too seriously. If you’re looking for a date, sign up for an online service that concentrates on just that. If you’re looking for friends from all over the world, use WeChat’s Shake and relax. It’s free and works well. If you get odd results, take a break. Above all, don’t install any helper apps. You don’t need them and they may skew your search results. Happy shaking!
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229 thoughts on “WeChat Shake Problem – a solution? Maybe.”

  1. I was using Wechat for 2/3 months. Recently I u installed . But after installing , while making shake, I am only getting distant location match.

    I am located at Singapore,but I am getting thiland, Malaysia or Middle East, China area. Earlier I did not face this problem. I checked my GPS, it’s on, but don’t why it isn’t showing nearby area….can you please advise…

    1. That’s normal, at least for us. We don’t get any local people Shaking, only ones in Europe, the Middle East, etc. People Nearby is for local users, not Shake. If you were getting Shake results from nearby, that is the unusual thing, not the other way around. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I have run into a similar issue, but for “people nearby”. At least some are Chinese, which makes sense, but there are many Indonesians, more than I would have expected to find around here in this part of Canada.

    Might my smart phone and/or WeChat have the wrong coordinates, i.e. those for Jakarta, Indonesia, or would Indonesian expats or immigrants simply tend to use WeChat’s “people nearby” moreso than other WeChat users around here?

    1. Expats tend to look for other expats but unless you are living in a kind of Little Indonesia, it would be unlikely that there would be so many. When we have checked our lists, the people always put ‘Toronto’ or ‘Canada’ in their location details. If the people you see on People Nearby are listed as being from somewhere else, then WeChat is messed up somehow. Have you added any third-party apps? Anything at all to do with Indonesia? We’re in Toronto and we’ve never seen an Indonesian, not that we know of anyway, in People Nearby. Sorry we can’t help more than that. Thanks for commenting.

  3. My Wechat shake always no result found its been 20 hours by now.. But if i login other account it works fine… I already tryed to uninstall and redownload but its same no result. Please help..

    1. It looks like you have been using Shake too often and your profile has been suspended from Shake. Leave it for a few days then try again. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

    1. That’s a problem with your phone, not with WeChat. Reset it to factory specs, check the motion sensor, etc. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  4. I’m using WeChat from the US and notice I get nothing but Italians, Turks, Arabs, and the occasional overseas Chinese. Never see any mainland Chinese, which leads me to believe that Shake is actually segregated to discourage casual contact between foreigners and Chinese citizens.

    (I’d actually PREFER the Chinese results because that’s who I mainly got WeChat to keep in touch with.)

    1. You won’t get mainland Chinese no matter what you do. That isn’t segregation, at least we don’t think it is. Add QQ first, make your contacts with it and then add them to your WeChat. Weixin is WeChat in China and it is very popular. Remember that China is 12 hours ahead of you, right now anyway. In the winter they are 13 hours ahead. When you are shaking, they are probably sleeping. QQ is best for making contacts, not WeChat/Shake. That is only for temporary meetups. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  5. while im shking on wechat..im getting a list of person.i dont want like that..i want single person…is there any solution???

    1. Shake is for fun, it’s not to be taken seriously. You cannot choose who is shaking when you shake, just the same as you can’t control who you will meet in real life. Take it for what it is, a free and fun way to meet people. If you can’t seem to meet the right people, try something else. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

        1. You mean Chinese people never answer your messages? Maybe they only use the Chinese language. Do you reply to someone who uses a language you cannot read? If you use English mainly, remember that it isn’t universal. It’s popular but not everyone can write it. The Chinese also use a Chinese keypad and writing English is very difficult for some. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Don’t use Shake for a day or two. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Try again. Thanks for commenting.

  6. And guys, if u get only Chinese people who live soooo close by. Try this, it worked for me. Change your region on we chat to somewhere in china. Exit we chat. Don’t use it for the day. The next day, shift it bak to your current region. Exit again. Don’t use it for the day. The next day, try using shake. It will work. Cheers

    1. Thanks! From what we’ve seen though, the users who complain about Shake are not that patient. Excellent tip, thanks again.

  7. Guys guys guys. There’s no prob wit ur phone or wechat if you get “no matches found. Try again” it just means your done for the day if you shake too many times. It works just like drift bottle. It’s limited. U can try again after 24 hrs. It’ll work for sure. I had the same problem.

    1. Another tip, thanks. We have the impression that some WeChat users don’t seem to have much else to do. That’s why their Shake breaks down. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Guys guys guys, if you use shake too much for the day and if it says “no match found.shake again” don’t get disappointed. It means your done for the day. It works just like drift bottle. Its limited. Try again after 24 hrs. It’ll work for sure. I had the same problem

    1. Do you mean banned? If that is what you mean, we suspect that one or more of your friends are reporting your posts in Moments. The only was WeChat would know about your posts is if someone reports them, whether or not they are offensive. Maybe someone you know doesn’t want you to be using WeChat and reports your posts. Find out who it is and delete them. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.


  10. Past the days I got a msg while shake “no results found try again” wat happen I need to pay something please advise

    1. There’s no solution to his unless you’ve added a helper app to assist you in finding other WeChat users. Clean out your phone, reset it and then install WeChat directly from your mobile store. Make sure it’s the real WeChat, not a fake version. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi.. I m also get that irritate msg while shaking just now I fixed that problem. Here the solution,first logout ur Wechat. Then exit it, take a 2 min break and then un install ur Wechat then do a soft reset in Lumia r remove ur battery then restart and download we chat again . It works perfect for me and my friend all the best and thank you…

  11. I can’t access people from far places ( means another country), only a few people from nearest places. I was getting only one result from shaking ,it was from far places and was more interesting. what can I do ?

    1. Anytime you get ‘connection time out’ it means your WiFi or 3/4G connection, not WeChat’s. Change your location, reboot your phone, make sure WeChat has all of the correct permissions. Hope that helps. Thanks for commenting.

    1. There are far too many devices out there for us to supply assistance with one model. Make sure your permissions are set, that your GPS is working and that your phone can actually ‘Shake’. If you do a search for ‘Lumia 920 motion sensor’ you will find that it is fairly common for the sensor to stop working. Did it work before and stop? It’s the phone, for sure, not WeChat. Time to get a new one or have yours fixed. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Stop using Shake. Give it a break. There has to be a limit on how many times you can use the Shake feature. It’s just for fun, not something that WeChat wants people to use endlessly. That’s not fair to other users, right? Thanks for commenting.

    1. It seems like India has really taken to WeChat. There seem to be more users in India than anywhere else, except China. If you happen to be in India, it seems likely that any result from Shake would be from the same country, right? Try shaking at different times. Maybe you are Shaking when everyone else in India is looking for someone to chat with. Usually WeChat users complain about getting only Chinese results in Shake. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  12. my shake feature said ‘ no results found. try again’. after 2 hours its still the same. I tried with other account to shake but it show result from shake feature. what happened. Am i blocked ? if then, what should i do to start using my shake feature again.

    1. If you can use WeChat at all then you are not blocked or suspended. Maybe the problem is your phone. In order to use Shake, your phone and WeChat have to know that you are actually shaking your device. Perhaps you have broken whatever mechanism that indicates you are shaking it. Shake work perfectly for us, always has, so it looks like the problem is your phone, not WeChat. Time to get a new one. Thanks for commenting.

    1. It’s working fine for us. Make sure you haven’t used it too often lately, that might cause it to stop. Turn your phone off then on again to reset it. Have a friend try Shake from your location to see if it’s a problem for them too. Other than that, we’re not sure what to suggest. Good luck!

    1. If Shake doesn’t work, it’s probably not a problem with WeChat. Most likely it’s your mobile device that is not ‘shaking’. To change the password, go to Me then Settings then My Account then Password. Thanks for commenting.

  13. I got a problem while using shake since two days
    I got users from china also viewing at 5 km away
    Please give me solution

    1. We think you must have added a third party app, perhaps one that helps you find contacts. These are almost always full of malware. Set your phone back to its factory settings and download the REAL WeChat application from your app store. Don’t install anything else that is linked to WeChat. Change your password too. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

      1. I got a problem while using shake
        since two days
        I got users from china also viewing
        at 5 km away
        Please give me solution
        i do as you said factory restored and install new we chat app then also same problem can you help me.. ?

        1. Unless we can duplicate the problem, we don’t have an answer. We still think that people are using helper apps or not downloading WeChat from the proper source. Helper apps contain malware and/or spam. We’ve never had the same problem with our Shake feature. Then again, we’re in Toronto where there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese. We think that’s a good thing, to be honest. Thanks for commenting.

    1. We have never had that experience so we really can’t help you at all. The problem may be from a third party app that you have installed. That app may be skewing your search results. Reset your phone to its factory settings then install WeChat and nothing else. See if Shake works. We predict that it will work normally. Thanks for commenting.

    1. It might be your phone or the fact that you have used it too frequently in a short period of time. If the GPS system isn’t working on your phone, we doubt that Shake will work. It could also be a problem with your service provider. Try it on WiFi to check that. Good luck. Thanks for commenting.

  14. HI!

    I have a question. 🙂

    If I always shaked my phone, results: chinese people 4km away, 3km away, 10km away ect…
    No problem!

    But these results fake or not?

    1. Yes, we think they are fake. Maybe you have added a helper app, maybe your provider has sold space to a spam company, you’ll never know. Try Shake on another device, one with NOTHING on it except WeChat. We suspect your results will be different. There are, however, many Chinese in every country in the world, right? Thanks for commenting.

  15. Whenever i gonna shake my phone i got just Chinese people from the shake all tim please send me any suggestion to fix this problem

    1. There are too many variables here. Maybe it is your provider, maybe it’s your location. Maybe you have added a helper app that is skewing the search results. It’s not WeChat, that’s for sure. Thanks for commenting.

  16. when am shaking am geting chines peoples and unnamed peoples only
    am not geting other country peoples
    please suggest a solution

    1. There is no solution to that. We get people from all over the world but, depending on where you are, Shake works differently. Are you in India? We’re in Canada and get results from all over the world. It’s probably better to try another app rather than WeChat. Thanks for commenting.

  17. hey , how do i get rid of error lyk ” the operation too frequent . please try later ”
    its coming again n again eventhough i have tried after 2 hours

  18. I am always shaking only chines is comeing i dont know whats the problem i create same zaheer both ids but my problem is not solve i worry about for shakeing before i want to friends with shakeing but aftar i not using one day i use crate the problem please any one solve my problem

  19. I have problem2 months onwards whenever I shake the phone looking around people every time chinese hongkong people are coming.and I want only indian people plz help me

  20. hi when i shake it shows that connection timed out it never display names of people shaking the phone. before it used to show but from past 1 month it it not showing anyhting except for connection time out msg.. can any one help????

    1. Looks like there is something wrong with your connection. Try changing your display name or opening another WeChat account. You may have been blocked by WeChat but that’s doubtful. We can’t use Shake or People Nearby at all now. We updated our Android to 4.4 and neither one works. Other than that, we don’t have any suggestions. If a friend stands beside you, will their Shake work? Check it out. Reboot your phone, clear your cache, things like that. It seems that it’s your device, not WeChat.
      Thanks for commenting.

  21. i got a problem while using shake..users from different areas are also viewing as 5kms away,7kms away..please give me a solution.

  22. I’m in the UK but my search results only ever show Arabic men and Italian and Turkish teenagers. This seems very odd. Does anyone else have similar problem?
    And yes, I’m well aware that if you over-use the Shake option that it shows fake profiles in China – but it has nothing to do with that.

  23. Even if i don’t use shake for over a week it still doesn’t work. And it looks like i’m not the only one. So i really don’t understand gow you guys can keep saying that if you wait a little while it works. The last time it worked for me is months ago. The worst thing for me is that tencent don’t reply on this. How hard is it to just send out one message explaining what is going on? With the bottles it seems they added a limit but they tell you that in the app. Why would they not do that with shake if they also added a limit to that. It just doesn’t make sence. I think theu messed up somewhere and they can’t fix it.

  24. i got a problem while using shake..users from different areas are also viewing as 5kms away,7kms away..please give me a solution..

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