Hide Your Game Updates on Facebook

If you’re worried about spamming your friends with game updates on Facebok, here’s how to hide them:

1. You can do this in at least two places. The easiest way to hide ALL of your game updates is to head to your Timeline first. Click on your name, top right side of any Facebook page. Once your Timeline opens, look for the words Activity Log.

Photo of Hide 1
From your Timeline, click on the words Activity Log.


2. When your Activity Log opens, all of your activities are shown.

Photo of Hide 2
All of your activities are shown here.


3. While you could scroll down and edit each post, we’re here to hide only your game updates. On the left of your screen, look for the list of activities. Normally, Games will be hidden so look for the word ‘More’ and click it:

Photo of Hide 3
Look for the word More and click it.


4. Once the menu spreads down, look for the word Games. Click on it.

Photo of Hide 4
Click on Games. All updates from all games that you play will show up on the right.


5. On the right side, click on the icon that is second from the right. If could be an icon of a globe, two heads in silhouette or maybe a padlock. Here are your choices:

Photo of Hide 5
Choose who sees each game’s updates. In this case, only the Facebook user can see this game’s updates.


6. Once you have set each game’s updates to Only Me, and that is the setting that we recommend,   the icon on the far right will be greyed out. Why? Because ALL updates will now be hidden. Do your friends a favor by making sure that each game you play will not spam their newsfeed.


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