A completely random set of thoughts

I did it!  This is Friday May 1st, 2009. I spent most of my afternoon screwing around with FTP and WordPress, trying to figure it all out. I took my brianmhoney.ca site because no one knew about it and if I screwed it up, no loss! But the changing of the configuration script went well, the FTP caused a few problems since I used to use CuteFTP and Filezilla seems to be the favourite hero now. Once I got the FTP figured out, the rest went, as they say, swimmingly!

I’ll get some new designs, some new widgets and some kind of spell checker for this and then I’m on my way. I finally got what I wanted: a formulated website that I can control without a lot of html crap and without any css.  The browser interface works well and I can access this from anywhere in the world, not like I’d travel a whole lot but I might. If these pages ever take off, I’m off to Fiji or somewhere warm. Stick around! It might get interesting.